[Suggestion] Custom Enchants?

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Custom Enchants?

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-1 14 vote(s) 46.7%
  1. I'm trying to build an enraged mob farm for one reason, flame II bows. If we could have this as a book and added to the villagers trade list and to random enchants of books then I will keep enchanting.

    As for other suggestions, I would like to know why people want to stay with vanilla. There are already many changes in EMC (such as the flame II) that are not vanilla so why is this any different to making EMC a more enjoyable experience? Do you want to get rid of flame II bows, marlix and momentus, enraged, protected town residences, etc? Instead of saying "it's not vanilla", please explain why you think it is not a good change from vanilla.
  2. I am fine with changes from vanilla, but going too far makes it seems like modded Minecraft, which, for the most part, I dislike. Some ideas suggested here will make the Empire LESS fun for me.

    As I said, it's personal prefrence.
  3. I answer that question with a single statement: Just because we like some changes from vanilla, does not mean we would like all the changes from vanilla.
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  4. EMC Is French Vanilla, but this would just make it Chocolate. -1
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  5. As stated with PenguinDJ, it will move towards a modded mincraft which would break the 'vanilla' aspect of EMC.
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  6. I think it is a very cool idea. But a part of me dislikes it.

    I believe that while, yes, we do have SO MANY changes from vanilla, most of them are either part of the game play (having a town, a wasteland for reliable resources, ect.) or ignore-able. Sure we have marlixes. But it's not like those are completely new mobs, and if somebody doesn't want to interact with the mob/engraged mobs, all he/she has to do is change difficulty setting. Boom, basically vanilla functions.

    I am usually a very anti-update person. I don't know why, because time after time I am satisfied with the changes. This update would add too much on an unnecessary scale though, in my opinion. Bouncy armor, lightning-summoning swords, anti-thorns? Those seem like they're straight out of a mod pack.

    I'd make some exceptions. Some of these ideas are really great, and have been proven in the past to be pretty handy, in EMC and other servers. Two-shot bows, I'm pretty sure marlix bows do this when equipped with shiny arrows. And insta-smelt tools. A little OP, but using a furnace isn't the most efficient means of cooking objects.

    Lastly, I'd like to point out that if these were rare-item enchants for promos, and not added to the general pool of enchants, they wouldn't be too overwhelming for players.
    zat ees all
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  7. Hehe me have long list

    Headless- Chance of receiving ones head
    Gears- Speed boots
    Poison- Poisons opponent
    Blind- Blinds opponent
    Lighting- Opponent gets hit by lighting
    Thundering blow- Chance of exploding player
    Lifesteal- Chance to switch health with your opponent
    Confuse- Gives opponent nausea
    Venom- Poisons opponent but this time for bows
    Freeze- Shoot opponent with bow to freeze them in ice!

    I basically saw this on another server pm me in game to look at the other enchants aka go on the server :p
  8. I would maybe like a soul bound book, but only as a RARE promo. Weapons or tools that are too op simply take the fun out of minecraft. That's my opinion:)
  9. These are my thoughts about the ideas
    DISCLAIMER: I think these enchants would be fun/useful for fighting but my opinion of this topic hasn't changed

    1. That is already implemented in pvp. It is instant head give to the player that he/she slays.
    My answer to your idea is NO.
    2. Good idea but it's over rules since you can just use speed potions so NO.
    3. Poison does sound a lot of fun that can be useful so YES
    4.Blind can be a little obnoxious especially in a fight. So NO
    5.As Stated in later posts, NO
    6. Sounds like another knock-back tool so NO
    7. I have pondered this and think it would be cool to get some blood lust when you fight so YES
    (Needs to be very light life steel.)
    8.Stated in blind, NO
    9.As stated in poison on swords YES
    10. Had to think about it but NO
    [These are the ideas that were stated by lukafolz and added my opinion]

    These are my ideas for new enchanting
    1.Auto-smelting pickaxe and axe enchant. Get all your ores and trees smelted by just breaking them.
    [Lose fortune and silk touch enchants with this & This enchant does not smelt stone!]

    2.Torch carrier: Turn any tool to a source of light around you. Each level increases light intensity.

    3.Invisibility: Tired of being seen? This enchant makes it so your gear disappear with you when you drink a invisibility potion. [Armor & combat tools only] [Armor loses thorns with this]

    4.Shield barrier: Gives you 1/2 heart on each armor (stacks to 2 hearts)
    [Very Rare enchant and best to be found in dungeons; Harder to re-gen heath with this enchant]

    DISCLAIMER: These are my ideas that should be added into mincraft
  10. Main reason for me is to level the area of PVP. Pretty much if you have a promo weapon, your gonna win the fight. Maybe make something easier to get, but with some power to make PVP more even. I totally stay away from the PVP part of EMC because I know if I run into someone with say "Ham Hacker" Ill get demolished :confused: Maybe not so different enchantments but may6be some that just make things easier. Like clan23 said enchantments like "Torch Carrier" and enchantments like that. These aren't changing the game from vanilla that much. Its not bringing in anything new, just taking things from the game, and using them different. New enchants are straying far from vanilla minecraft. Its just like enraged mobs. Its a regular mob, just with some differences. Custom Enchants is regular enchants, just adding a few more to make the game better and definitely more interesting.

    Good thing from adding Custom Enchants:

    - Better and more interesting PVP.

    - Eliminate the dominance of promo weapons.

    - Could lead to players using there creative minds to add more.

    - Make villagers better and more unique.

    - Mining could be interesting with new Pickaxe enchants, same with other tools.

    -No true "OP Players" if everyone has the chance to get these enchants.

    Leave Feedback! :)

    - Agent