[Suggestion] Reward - Potion Effects on Swords

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Potion Swords?

Yes, it would be cool. 23 vote(s) 92.0%
No, I am not a fan. 2 vote(s) 8.0%
No, I hate this idea. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello Empire.

    What is it?
    I suddenly came up with the idea to add potion effects to swords. For example, hitting a zombie with a sword infused with slowness would give the zombie slowness. If you hit a creeper with a poison potion it would take poison damage.

    The effects would be on swords. A diamond sword might have slowness, and could have only one effect. The names would be "Poison Sword" and could be obtained through hard work.

    How would you obtain it?
    Option 1. Voting - Increasing your streak would get you these swords.

    Option 2. Token - Make them purchasable via tokens.

    Option 3. Drops - Make Enraged and Minibosses occasionally drop these.

    Option 4. Supportership - Each month, pick one sword.

    It would be cool to see. Do I think it'll be added? No. Do I hope it is? Yes. Comment your opinions down below!

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  2. Yes, it would be cool. More things like the maxarian head would also be cool, where you get swiftness or jump boost for a short time.
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  3. I like the idea personally, but something I've been awaiting for a while now is EMC's own Enchanting Template. Custom enchants, with custom effects. For instance I'll use your idea.

    Slowness 1-5 Each level giving 2% more than the last one.

    Then their's armor enchants such as Regen 1-3 Each level giving 1% more than the last.
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  4. I like this, I would love to see this added as new items in the token shop, just to make sure there are plenty of items.
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  5. Ba-dum-dun bump
  6. Option 4 could not be there since the new Eula
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    Okay, sorry, I bumped this.
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  9. Player 1: Haha, I just earned a poisoned sword! It gives Poison II to everything I stab! :cool:
    Player 2: Wow, that's pretty aweso- look out, zombie! :eek:
    Zombie: Blargahdfahsdfasdlf! :mad:
    Player 1: I got dis! *stabs zombie* :cool:
    Zombie: BLARG! :D
    Player 2: Uh, you know that poison regenerates zombie health, right? :confused:

    It's a very cool idea, but I just had to make a joke. :p Me gusta! :)
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  10. Well, you're the creator of the thread, so it's not rude anyway :p
  11. +1
    I would love a swiftness sword so i can speed up them mobs in Mob Arena's. Imagine fast creepers.. :D
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  12. Effecting you for good things, effecting mobs for bad things :D
  13. Haha I'd love to see that as another use for these worthless tokens I've been carrying around for months. xD