[Suggestion] Command for buying bulk at single item shop signs

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  1. [Shop Owner]
    1 (max 4)
    Oak Log

    Meaning each customer can buy at most 4 logs per MC day.
    I'd suggest opening a separate suggestion thread for this feature. :)
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  2. If the argument "But some shops want to limit how much a player can buy." is really important enough, then I like this solution the most. (Not sure how easy/difficult this is to implement. This would be persisted data per player... )
  3. As long as there's an opt-in option for the res holder, I wouldn't mind it, because then the shop/mall owner would be allowed to offer the feature or not.

    Currently, I run a shop; not a mall. I'm not looking to become the wealthiest member of EMC. I sell items when I have a surplus of them or because I'm using them to keep traffic within the store (IE: most people are looking for building material, so if I sell building material, they'll show up and impulse buy the other items). As such, when I set a low quantity for something, it's because I'm trying to avoid the mega malls from completely buying them all out, while allowing me the opportunity to say "I sell those" when someone asks for them in chat and not have to do a hand to hand exchange.

    I like rupees, but I like having fun more. When I have to spend half my gaming time chopping trees to keep my logs in stock, the entertainment value drops.
  4. Idea: You can only buy more than the sign, not less. Most bulk sellers sell for cheap, so this would totally ruin it - 3DC pricing for 64 items, etc.

    So if shops are selling 1 oak log for 1r, you can buy 64, but you can't do vice versa.
  5. I think this wouldn't be necessary, because on such a deal you would just place a fixed quantity sign, without the "+"
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  6. To be honest, I am not really with this idea. It seems too complicated for just a simple shop sign system.

    If people want you to buy in bulk, they can by placing another shop sign that is connected to the same chest. -1
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  7. Although the concept sounds great. There is no reasonable way to implement this suggestion unfortunately. My recommendation is to work with the shop owners to setup a larger quantity shop sign.
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  8. What is the problem?
  9. What isn't the problem would be a much better question... It just is not possible as suggested
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  10. A lot of shop owners 'do not' want individuals buying from them for mass bulk (or to re-stock his/her shop)

    Some players set it up so you come to them for a cheaper, low quantity items - and if you 'do' buy in bulk from them you're banned from his/her shop

    Having a system circumvent these individual's shop rules would make the ability to set your own prices be useless.
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  11. Read above, it would be opt-in, with a + next to quantity on the shop sign.

    A command (/bulk <quantity>) stores desired_quantity and the current time stamp for the player.

    The shop code has to check available_quantity / available_space anyway.

    When buying, and the stored time stamp is not too old, and the shop sign has the "+":
    quantity = min(desired_quantity, available_quantity)
    price = ceil(quantity * nominal_price * 1.0 / nominal_quantity)

    When selling, and the stored time stamp is not too old, and the shop sign has the "+":
    quantity = min(desired_quantity, available_space)
    price = floor(quantity * nominal_price * 1.0 / nominal_quantity)

    Optionally with a message "if you would like to buy N Items for P rupees click again to confirm", but if you ask me this is not necessary.
  12. I do not desire to defend my thoughts on the matter, but I also cannot speak on behalf of the entire development team on this matter (just myself). I hold the opinion that this would be an unneeded complication to the shop system. I must admit that it is possible to implement, but I will not spend any time on it in the foreseeable future. Sorry :/
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  13. I guess we all know that it is / would be a "nice to have" feature for perhaps 20-30 shops that do want or would want bulk selling and/or buying and for their suppliers and customers - and that there are much more important things to spend development time on atm.

    AFAIK, improvements to the shop systems are long term plan: we can save this suggestion and remember when the time comes :)
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