[Suggestion] Command for buying bulk at single item shop signs

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  1. Hi,

    I'd like to see a command that allows bulk selling / buying at a shop sign that has any low quantity.

    This would avoid 1000 clicks and 30 pages rupees history when buying 1000 items by each 1 click.

    May be a suggestion how to implement:
    /bulk 150 (oh may be you find a better keyword)
    Would try to buy or sell 150 items instead whatever quantity is written on the shop sign.
    Works only once for the next shop sign click, within a certain timeout like 30 seconds or so.
    Limitation: The /bulk amount must be a multiple of the shop sign amount.
    ( Optional Limitation?: Not working for Slot-shop signs, because it would reduce nice possibilities of having two signs like BUY [Slot 26] and SELL [Slot 27] to ensure the last item is never sold. )

  2. Hm, I see what you mean. This could actually be good.
  3. Sometimes people set signs to sell a low quantity at once to make it more effort for people to buy them out of stock though?

    Obviously if there was also an opt-in way for shopkeepers to stop people using the command, it would be a good idea though. Clicking for ten minutes can get a bit dull!
  4. +1
    I love the Idea! It would save a lot of time and effort :)

    Maybe you can allow your shop signs to be allowed to sell in bulk through your Player Settings (/ps) or not. This could prevent your stock from going all at once, like normal.
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  5. I actually think, that most good shops have thought of the amount they are selling in. For example: I never have seen a shop that sells 1 oak log at a time.
    Also, if you need a couple DC, you can always go to bulk shops or get a reversed auction on the forums (this takes a while, but probably lower prices too ;))
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  6. I dont think this is a good idea. People put the quantity of 1 for a reason. For me because i dont want to sell all my items to 1 person.

    If the owner does want to sel in bulk, contact him if he doesnt have a sign for it

  7. Shop owners sell the amount for a reason. It's their items and their rules.
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  8. -1 here too. Part of the economy specializes in bulk purchases. If you take that away from them, it'll destroy parts of the economy.
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  9. Well, if it would be a /ps or flag setting, it's no problem anymore that some people are very specific and thoughtful about their quantities. Because I'm definitely not, I wouldn't mind this.
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  10. How about controlling it with the shop sign:

    Normal sign:
    oak log

    Flexible sign (allows buying more than 1 per click):
    oak log

    Flexible sign (allows buying/selling of less than 64 per click):

    Or even:

    Where you can:
    - buy one diamond for 105r
    - sell one diamond for 103r
    - buy 100 diamonds for 10,450r
    - sell 100 diamonds for 10,380r

    /bulk 50 sets quantity to 50 (would try to buy / sell up to 50 per click)

    /bulk 1 would allow to buy/sell 1 item on e.g. 64+ sign,
    the price when selling is rounded down, when buying rounded up

    - Is valid only for the next chest-shop.
    - Expires after 10s
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  11. Honestly, I think this would be way to complicated for new players or players who didnt get this explaination.
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  12. Why? It won't matter to them, right? You could just ignore the +.
    That was a really great addition, M4nic_M1ner. And then you could also have a sign selling with quantities of 16-, maybe.
    The only problem with this is is that you can get a benefit by buying a certain amount, because it'll get round differently.
  13. oh I get it now, that + is just optional o.0
    Still I think that having 1+ and 64+ dont have any use different of each other, so that you can just put it like this:

    the - indicates you can just put the quantity you want with the /bulk [quantity] as suggested above, and you would get a message like a [SLOT] shop, for example:

    /bulk 100

    Item: Diamond
    Quantity: 100
    Price: 11000
    Click again to buy

    I think this will be easier to handle, because 64+ has the 64 in it, even know if you want to buy 100 of them the 64 has nothing to do with it, so you dont get confused.

    I see you dont have the option now to click without command and get 64 of the item, but you can just place a sign, so now I see shops having a quantity of 16 and 64 next to each other, and that can easily be changed to 16 and - as quantity.
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  14. For some shops this would be a good idea for others mine included it's a bad idea! If this was to be implimented I'd like to see a way that stops people buying in bulk too :)
  15. This 64 in "64+" is necessary, because for many items, you want to give the price per stack - so it is easier to compare prices.
  16. sd long as the shopkeepers could opt-into this i dont see a problem. i sell one item at a time for a reason so i wouldnt opt -in
  17. I really like M4nic_M1ner's idea. That way shop owners wouldn't have to make 2-4 signs for every shop if they want to sell in custom amounts (because if you sell only 8 at a time, bulk buyers will get mad and if you sell 512 at a time, normal people will get mad) and can just make one sign for any amount.

    The customization would be good too so that people who know exactly how many blocks they need can get exactly that many, no more, no less, and not have to waste any rupees on something they don't need.

    I think if you put:

    <bottom range> - <top range>
    <price per unit>

    So it looks like this:

    16 - 256
    B 1000:1 S

    That way shop owners can still cap how much (or how little) they want people to buy at once without losing the customization. Then if someone came along and clicked the sign there would be one of two options:
    - It automatically sells them 16 dirt for 16000r if they haven't set a custom /bulk amount
    - Or it prompts them for a custom amount (like when buying enchanted items, you have to click twice?) and they input a prompt via chat.
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  18. I'm a little in between myself, because I can come up with plenty of arguments why this wouldn't be a good idea (some have already been mentioned above) but on the other hand I can also clearly see the advantages.

    Two comments though; I think the timeout should be way lower. Not 30seconds but 5 or 10 seconds at the most. Because if you set this too high then I'm sure that some players will eventually run into issues and could buy in bulk by accident. It's simple: you stand before the sign, you enter this command then click the sign. That shouldn't take much longer than 5 seconds I think.

    Most of all: I think this should be optional. Opt-in to be precise. So if shop owners don't want to bother with this (for example to protect their stock) then they shouldn't need to take action to block its use.

    But this is also where my doubt comes into play; one way or the other you'd still need the shop owner to allow bulk purchases. So how exactly does this change things, esp. when the shop owner isn't aware of these features? Or, if the shop owner has purposely set a 1 item purchase..

    Basically you'd still need to contact them to ask if you could buy in bulk. But... isn't that something you can already do right now? You can see the name of the owner on the sign, and you can contact them by using the forum or the in-game mailing system.

    So I also can't help wonder: what exactly is stopping you from contacting the shop owner right now to ask them for a bulk purchase?

    So yah, I'm a little in between :)
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  19. so much like to this
  20. I guess the optimum is somewhere between 5 and 10 s.

    Only once, not every time.
    Shop keeping is a tedious job and about every interested shop owner will do their best to minimize the needed effort for themselves and for the customers - and above all for the suppliers.

    - The shop owner needs to update only one sign instead of 2 or 3 (with different quantities). This saves a lot of time and also significantly reduces the potential for mistakes and abuse. It also reduces the footprint of the chest-shop.

    - It saves a lot of time for the customers and allows them to buy and sell the exact amount they need.

    I see this as quite big advantage, the time is precious. With the feature there, I guess that shops would rush to update the signs and so attract customers and suppliers. You would not need to tell them twice about it. :)

    (Except "no bulk" shops - i.e. the ones that specialize in "retail trade" - or the shops made not for exchange of goods but to "play shop" or - as I've learned yesterday - just to make friends.)

    I think this would be confusing, because it is not obvious if the price is 1000r for 16 or for 256 items.
    I think that the advantage that you can limit the amount per transaction ... like 1 to 4 logs, but not 64 logs at a time ... would be minimal. I guess most of the "no bulk" shops don't really need this feature, because they have other interests - well - they do not try to maximize exchange / turnover / sales volume. :)
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