[Suggestion] Claiming an Island in the Frontier End

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  1. As I have been traveling around the new end I was thinking that it would be cool to build a little base out here but griefing might be an issue. What I would be suggesting is being able to 'claim' an island much like we claim land in frontier. There are so many of them, why not have one your own. With the coming anti-griefing, placed blocks would be safe, would they not?

    One hiccup I can see some mentioning is this: If 5 people claim islands around me, how do I get back to town? This can work much like town. Let's say you build a wall around your island. You would have to leave room for other to bridge to you and and to another island so that people could still get to other island further out. Could even make proper safe bridges instead of 1 block ones we have now. And if you have a neighbor close enough, you can work together and connect island with bridges.

    I think this would give more use to the frontier end once alot of the cities have been found. Having something like this instead of mined up land.

    I'm not sure how close most of the spawns are, but maybe a rule that you are not allowed to claim any island that has a spawn portal on it or something like that.

    I'm sure we can fine tune the details to make this work. I for one would love something like this. And who knows maybe once land claiming comes out, Aikar can add in a feature that would let you TP out to this island, at an initial cost of course :p

    Thoughts, concerns? Let's discuss this and hopefully bring it to life!
  2. I like this. +1
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  3. war of the islands, i like it. +1
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  4. Weird, I was just thinking if it was possible to establish outposts in the frontier end. I like it. +1
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  5. Great minds think alike :p
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  6. Each island had a different size. It wouldn't be fair if one player has a massive island and the other a small one.

    Secondly, islands are randomly generated. That means they spawn in a random location, with a random size and with a random shape. This means every island needs to be regioned separately by SS. If I were Senior Staff and you asked me to do this, I'd become a moderator again :D

    So yeah, a -1 from me. But I do find your idea interesting
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  7. Just means more searching. In the last 2 days I've explored so many different ones. But it would be like the frontier as well, first come first serve.

    Well it wouldn't be like town. It would be like your normal frontier outpost, except in the End. So those details would be the same, you claim that island with a locked chest and if there is grief you would report it to a mod. SS would not need to be involved unless there was a bug/exploit issue, etc.

    Thanks for your opinions though. Always welcome :)
  8. could always be a limit to the size of the claim you can have, which would in turn limit the size of the island you can claim. always a way to limit what players can do to keep it fair for all.
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  9. Someone recently posted an idea regarding linking the End to an established outpost. Because the Frontier Outposts are spaced out uniformly, the corresponding End Outposts could use relative coordinates and would also be spaced out uniformly. Access to them would also not necessarily be blocked by other protected areas in the End since they could always accessed from the Frontier Outpost.

    It was kevmeup's comment here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-the-end.62287/page-2#post-1124922
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  10. I like this idea!

    Yes, and I also agree with the comments above: islands do vary in size and you would be limited in the things you could do. But isn't that also the fun of it all? Just pick an island which best suits you and claim it. Heck, this would even force you into coop with your neighbors a bit which I think is an AWESOME idea. Coop is the name of the game on EMC afterall (not even my words, but Aikar's. Remember his comments about mini bosses? The idea is to team up...).

    I could even see players working together to build a new cellar / underground in order to prevent players from falling into the void, effectively connecting all islands together. If you get a nice group of dedicated players going then the possibilities are endless.

    But yeah, unfortunately I have to share that I cannot give this idea a +1. Sorry about that, nothing personal.

    Instead I'd like to give it a +2 :D

    ok, ok, sorry: +1 ! :)
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  11. Ya exactly. Just another way to bring more players together. Good idea about the void drop protection idea :p I suggest a healthy layer of slime blocks to bounce back up :D
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  12. No... I dont like the way to make sure you dont fall in... seems better if your sitting there building over the void.. then this comes on...

    Now that seems much more fun now.

    I do like this idea. I actually wanted to manipulate a portal to where the island portal actually spawns into a complete void with no other islands near so that it could be a farming area with super easy access but sadly, people would be able to find it fairly easily.
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  13. Now I want to watch Top Gun again :cool:

    In fact.. I think I will tomorrow.. hmm, gives me an even better idea :)
  14. Its so funny to read this. It was funny to watch what happend when the end oppend up. Civilization has arrived! Instantly the landscape will be changed to what we wish it to be. I was getting frustrated because everytime I came through spawn I was falling in a new deep alley or lost between new builds and falling into holes with deep dug out layers for who knows what kind of creation someone has in mind.

    Hey, great, creativity, I am all for it. But like I tell my kids, move away from the doors with your toys and creations because I am tired of tripping over things as soon as I come into a room.

    All I think of is that song by Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi. "They paved paradise, put up a parking lot. with a pink hotel, a boutique and a swinging hot spot." If we allow the claiming of Islands like outposts, The fun of the island hopping will be done.

    Will the End Be resetting, I forgot to check before I posted, My bad. If it resets, I guess, no problem. But if it does not reset, It will become a mess of unknown builds (which it probably will anyway). "Dont it always seem to go.....
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  15. -1

    Just have it act like we have for the overworld. You are in control of what you build on as long as it is established. Build on your island and establish it.
  16. I like the idea +1
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  17. The idea seems pretty nice. I'd love to build an "Ender Castle/Citadel" on a big island at some point.
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  18. It will be griefed like everything else and. SMP1 The end, setting up my little place to run missions from, put signs up so everyone would know that it was me and i was setting up in this spot. It was not a natural thing you took i worked to get it and place it there. Grief in the end is like grief anywhere else. except new greif rules dont apply to crops and trees. loosers, do your own work. go find your own stuff.