[Suggestion] "Can Break Empty Container" subflag

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  1. ok so this is a easy one
    add a flag hat lets other people place containers but can not use or open them
    great for when you hire people to build for you

    and make it so that they can also only break containers if there is nothing in them?
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  3. ^^^
    Yus pls

    EDIT: just tried, you can place chests woth build flag and not container flag already, younjsut cant break them
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  4. why are you bumping? read:
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  6. ahh so a subflag where you can give people the ability to break containers only if they are empty....makes sense

    that would help shopkeeper
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  7. You got it can we do that?
  8. i think you should edit the first post to reflect more of that idea, because the original idea already exists and it foreshadows the follow up idea which is a great one.

    ill report it so mods can edit the title maybe idk your style of writing is a little confusing haha
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  9. I was like oooo look a suggestion like mine, turns out a mod did change it lol
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  10. The new title captures my idea perfectly :)
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  11. Its a great suggestion. Once we understood it haha
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  12. Haha, yeah, that'd be nice. I remember placing a chest on somebody's residence only to realise I wouldn't ever be able to break it again..
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  13. +1 for all the times I spam click jump with chests only to end up on a res I have +build
  14. Huh how did that happen ? Bump
  15. at first i thought it seemed like unneded complexity, but as 607 pointed out, being unable to remove a chest you just placed is iffy.

    So I can see benefit of container:breakempty subflag
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  16. Yaaa thanks for understanding us aikar do u think u can add it pls?
  17. hehe i have my hopes up
  18. Hopefully 1.11 update will have this