[Suggestion] Add res # and smp to your transaction log

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  1. Hi

    so i like a few others own more than one mall
    and we come in everyday and see that we have had sales
    that makes us happy to see that people are buying/selling things to us.

    Here is the issue
    We cant tell which one of our malls sold that certain item
    can u make it so that we can see what res mall was the one that had that transaction.
    I don't see any bad side effect from this so can we do this pls?
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  2. Though I personally wouldn't need it currently, I do think, that if it's feasable, it's a good idea. +1. :)
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  3. I think this is a good idea if there's a problem with a shop, then you can easily identify what shop and fix it. +1:D
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  4. Now that I've started selling things I get what your talking about.
    This would also be great tool for a survey. Seeing what people buy more of on what smp.
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  5. I agree this would be most helpful!
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  6. +1, Especially for azoundria :p
  7. Any staff input?
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  8. This is indeed a feature that would benefit most players, because even if one doesn't run several shops, it is useful in finding out "on which res did i bought / sold that?".

    Its implementation should be announced in advance because there are several shop tools that depend on the format of the rupee history and need to be adjusted. It would be even better if parts of the transaction log could be downloaded in a structured format like CSV by 3rd party with a distinct password. That would make it much easier and would open new possibilities for implementing shopkeeping tools.
  9. Bump this shouldn't be to hard for our great staff could it?
  10. It's only Aikar who decides about such changes.
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  11. truee but still i hope its not to hard?
  12. It should be fairly easy. If the information can not be already easily fetched, it could be stored in the sign's data at the time the shop-sign is created.
  13. I don't need it because I don't have multiple shops on multiple residences currently, but I feel like it would be useful for a lot of people or even me in the future! +1
  14. For the future bump
  15. This is exactly why I need 10, and soon to be 11 accounts. I have been suggesting things like this for ages. :p

    Given how these things can go (#blameaikar), this is the process I would recommend:

    1) Add columns to the database with defaults of 'Unknown' for every transaction. For example, unknown SMP or chest location.

    2) Begin storing the additional information for new transactions.

    3) Create a separate page at a different URL with transactions in the new format. Allow a select group of players/staff access for testing purposes.

    4) After initial testing, open up that separate page to the general public for final testing/feedback.

    5) After it's known to be stable, redirect links on the website to the new URL.

    In this way, the old format for transactions continues to be displayed and any tool that a third party has built will work even without changes, because it goes to the old URL. In the end, you could remove the old page, but I can think of no reason to do so, other than if the rupee system undergoes another change that requires a lot of work to fix up that page, or you find maybe there's a vulnerability in the old page. And by that time, I think every tool in existence will have easily shifted over, especially given the value of the added information.
  16. Agreed bump