Suggestion Box Re-Organization

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  1. Suggestion Box Re-Organization
    The suggestion box has received a much-needed and long-worked-on update heading into 2018.

    The already suggested ideas are up to date and categorized. There are new wiki pages that have a better layout than the previous ones. Remember, before creating a suggestion, make sure that you read over the 2 'stickied' threads in the section. It makes your's and the staff's lives so much easier :)

    To more 2018 changes!
  2. I think the best thing about the re-organization is that I'm now aware a suggestion box exists. :D
  3. Have I got a few suggestions haha jk I have nothing off the top of my head.
  4. Was this perchance brought on by a suggestion in the suggestion box to improve the suggestion box? :p
  5. Shh, it's 1am, don't make my brain hurt with circular reasoning.
  6. Great work on these updates, staff! I'm still very curious to see what more is about to come! :)
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  7. Go read all of the other sections! Might you not have found the Creativity Corner yet either? :eek:
  8. I love the addition of a section with suggestions that have been implemented! :)
  9. Yes everything seems to be well organized!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  10. damnnnn pulling out all of the announcements this month :p
  11. Maybe. I'm not sure. Started this mid year last year...
  12. The Creativity... Corner...?
  13. Click on the Forums tab up there and scroll down until you see the section marked Empire Creativity. It has many little sections for Empire players to show their creative skills.
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  14. Thanks!
  15. Oh dear god I see myself having a field day with this
  16. ???
  17. Field day = having "fun"

    Suggesting like mad.

    Or I'll have fun reading through the suggestions. If you can make a game out of it, it is considered "fun"
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  18. Clearly I need some sweet tea to wake up.