[suggestion] Boat train

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  1. Discussed this with some of the staff, started off as a joke, but went from there to an idea many of us liked.

    The ability to link boats together in series!
    So the first one tows the rest (using string?)

    To help promote groups, the 'boat people' must be in a group, and the more people/boats there are, the stronger the boats become - that help solve the problem of hitting things (like Lilly-pads & squids) that breaking boats.
    But because of lagging issues, may have to limit the amount of boats in the train, id personally love to see 100 boats with ppl in them but that maybe to many, will leave it upto the developer/programmer to decide the max amount (maybe 10?)

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  2. would the first one be able to link with the last?
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  3. I like this idea, but it would be way too much work.

  4. Yusss!! Amazing!
  5. Interesting idea. 1.9 changes boat mechanics significantly. Simply it would be foolish to try and modify any current mechanics since it all will be changed in short course
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  6. I like it, but The Chick have a point
  7. Im sure if the idea is liked & acceptable, it can wait until 1.9 comes out. Many of these changes take time to test & code anyway, a little more wont matter to much.
  8. Sounds a bit unneeded to me. I am not sure it will work out that well (like meandering rivers).

    Sorry, -1
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  9. Dose emc have to switch to 1.9 cause 1.9 is manly for combat not survival.
  10. That's like saying since 1.6 was just the Horse Update, we therefor had no reason to update since horses are mostly useless.

    The 1.9 update is bringing a new mob, a new dungeon, elytra, infinite end, new blocks, new boats, different command blocks, and so much more.
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  11. Yes, EMC will update to 1.9.
  12. Best idea ever <3
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  13. I like this idea also! It may be useless, but it certainly looks super fun :D
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  14. It sounds pritty good, only, I don't think it will be usefull enough for the amount of coding... +0
  15. If it wasnt for 1.9 coming soon, this would be an amazing idea.
  16. *insert oh that isn't vanilla tho!*
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  17. *insert neither is the server tho* *insert you could do this in vanilla with command blocks*

    Now my opinion on this is that it's kinda pointless and would be a lot of coding wasted on something like this when it could be out toward something more important