[SUGGESTION] Blocking and Friending Players on Forums

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  1. We already have an option to group players in game. Now we need to big guns.

    First for blocking, it can stop players from sending converstations and commenting on your wall and/viewing it, that can stop multiple traffic and tension. If a player that was blocked tried to visit a players profile it could say, "Sorry, this player has blocked your profile. (Error Code: 188785)" or something like that. It would be a lot better than just having only your followers just view your profile. If you just don't want one player sneaking through you profile, it would be really great. (Remember, not all players not get along together, even with me. :) )

    Secondly, for friends, you could have a wall(or a small box) on your profile that has the people that are your friends. You would have to accept a friend request. With friends if you want to send your friends a quick PM on the forums, you could just find the small little box on the conversation box, and have it a ease. Also with friends, other people could see who your friends are. This could might even work with the group option, meaning you can show if you are in a group, outpost, friends, etc.

    Comment your ideas below!
  2. I love the idea, I hope that this is implemented soon.
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  3. You stole my idea! I was just about to post this! xD
  4. I hate when people prepost my ideas too.
  5. I like this idea :D
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  6. Good idea but not worth the extra coding in my opinion
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  7. The blocking people, maybe.

    The friends thing, no, this isn't Facebook. You could show who your "Friends" on the site are by simply following them.
  8. Facebook: 13+ older
    EMC Forums: 13+ older

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  9. Because people on both sites really follow that rule....
    Doesn't prove they're the same in the slightest.
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  10. Both of them: not really 13+
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  11. Well I like this Idea!
  12. 1. waste of code
    2. if you dont want people commenting on your wall block comments
    3. everyone on emc is "friends" theres no need to prove your exclusion even if you dont like someone
  13. 1. True, true.
    2. That makes no sense. If you don't want only one particular person typing on your profile, what do you do now. Yeah that's right, NOTHING.
    3. Not everyone gets a long(quoted by ICC). Even some moderators do not get a long with everyone. Everyone is in deed, not friends.
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  14. thats why i put it in quotes point stands blocking people from your friends list is exclusionary and will only seed resentment
  15. I sorta like this idea. Not the friends part because you can just follow someone to show that you are "friends" or at least know each other. Following someone does everything you mentioned in the friends part (except accepting the follow). And for the blocking part, I wouldn't mind if it was implemented but I haven't had an issue with people spamming on my wall. It's probably mostly moderators and admins that get the spam due to bans.
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  16. ^This

    Plus, if anybody ever has any issues with player's spamming on their wall, just delete.
    If they keep doing it, just report and let the staff do their thing :cool:
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  17. This is all possible using the followers system. You can set it so that only people you follow can view your profile, write on your profile or send you a conversation. It may not be exactly what you want, but it's possible. But as you said you wanted a bit different from that. I don't see the point in having "friends" it will just create competition between people sometimes... But blocking people from your profile could be useful, and I think it may be possible, but I'll have to take a look.
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  18. The /ignore command is the same thing pretty much.
    EDIT: it does not cause resentment
  19. Bumpsn. :3
  20. Why are you bumping a suggestion?