[Suggestion]Banning the use of God Apples in PvP

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  1. It would be good if it would be impossible to use god apples/notch apples at pvp unless there is a ''Kill that chin'' event. The Pvp arenas give no rewards, no object, no nothing so the use of god apples just makes the pvp lame. After it makes the other players (in part me) that don't want to waste god apples use pots, and after the people that plays legit throught the end are mad since they get wiped out when spawning. And sometimes makes staffs come in.

    Anyway, pots and teams are not game breaking but the god apples are, if it was possible to make them impossible to consume at normal pvp times it would make the arena more fun I think. Or make a copy of the arena and make them no buffs if it's possible.

    Please tell me what you think if it's good or not I would like to hear it thanks.
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  2. The fair arenas have no buffs I believe, they are below.
  3. Fair arenas are broken, and even if they were not, they are not nearly as fun.

    +99999999999999999999999999 to this idea.
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  4. It is a vanilla item, so I see no reason to not allow it.
  5. I was just PvPing and I will not name names but it was so annoying when people would gapple. They would be pretty much be around 2 or so hearts and gapple and then would kill me.

    Also, how about you need to be still for 5 secs after last combat move (taking or giving damage) in order to teleport out so there is no more pvp logging?
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  6. I agree! I absolutely hate it when players use gapless in pvp unless there is a pvp event with staff. +11111111
  7. +9001

    There are Certain people who always use Gapples, This would be a great Idea, as you only need Gapples for KTC or Staff vs. The World
  8. +10000000 :)
    Using god apples in pvp is a waste. I would rather use my god apples for actual pvp events like Kill the chin or staff vs the world.
  9. -1mil this destroyed the whole point of pvp and minecraft
  10. They are a normal minecraft item. If a player wants to waste their rupees and use them at non-events, that is their right. It's like using a Diamond Axe to mine, but it is still up to the player.
  11. I disagree, we aren''t arguing against their right to use them. We are saying they are extremely annoying when we are about to kill someone and they eat one... turn around in 1/2 second and kill us.
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  12. Then maybe you should make some god apples or play with a specified group of people that agree to not use god apples. But EMC will not be limiting vanilla items in PvP.
  13. Okay, if we start a petition and get enough people to agree/sign it, can it be taken into consideration?
  14. It's limiting a vanilla item. It's like playing with iron armor with a group of players with diamond armor. If you want to win, you are going to need diamond armor OR you play only with players that use iron armor. However, you wouldn't expect us to limit the use of Diamond Armor, right?
  15. Gapples are a nuisance. How does having one normal arena as non-buffs sound? People could still use their god apples, and those who dislike the use of them can go into that arena when necessary.
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  16. I would be for it,the arena would be so fair, but the enchants could make a difference and so on, I've said this idea because it could help prevent some useless staff reports and uproar in the PvP.
  17. We have 4 that are non-buffs, however they are simply having issues at the moment. That's something we are working on fixing.
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  18. It's annoying when people wear armor because it makes them harder to kill.
    God Apples are just another item in PVP, if a player wants to use them I think that's their choice to waste gold.
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  19. i think just more work needs to go into the bottom arenas, if someone wants to invest in gapples then thats their right. remember folks, you not only dont need to pvp but you gain nothing from it and lose no durability, dont want to deal with players that are essentially paying to win? dont go on smp6 and get in the arenas with them. or fight in the four arenas on the bottom
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  20. I love you <3 +My life. I know this is a regular item that players can craft and use as they wsh. All I ask for is maybe a copy of the arena(s) red/green/blue/black that remove the ability to consume notch apples/golden apples and possibly shiny flesh? In MY opinion enderpearls should also be banned in this arena. I know a lot of players will disagree with my idea of fair but yes. I have been reported at least 3 times in the past two days for asking people to stop using apples and such. Please comment your opinion. <3