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  1. Suggestion: To include your FREE (giving away for free via shop sign) notifications in your Transaction. I have a rule in my motel to not take more than 3 items a day, but I can't monitor or enforce that rule if people spam my food while I'm offline. And I'm sure people would like to know how well their free things are being dispersed :)
  2. I think that this would be highly beneficial to people who give away free things.
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  3. +1, why not?
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  4. If you had cookies.
    I like to count the chips, one chocolate chip, two chocolate chip and three chocolate chip.
    Yes i was just checking how much chocolate chip they were, and they mysteriously vanished.
    I wonder where they went :3
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  5. This is something we potentially could start logging this, but just know that it would not be retroactive. As we do not currently store this information.
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  6. Lovin this idea, +1
  7. I like the idea.
  8. +1 This would be great for recording certain types of requests being processed through chest shops, removing the need to charge to process.
  9. +1 I like this idea as through-out my time on EMC I have seen many free signs abused and there is really no way to trace it to a certain person that I know of :c
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  10. Well... you cannot really abuse a free sign, as it is free...
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  11. Most of the time, at least from my experience, there will be a sign nearby it saying to only take a certain amount and people usually just ignore the sign and take as much as they want.
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  12. What does
    "retroactive" mean? >.>
  13. eh, that in of itself is an honor system. Exclusively.
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  14. Yes, that's a good suggestion! :)
  15. You could also alternatively create a redstone system in which a door opens for a few seconds when a button is pressed, closes for a certain amount of time, then once through the door they're teleported to a room in which they have 5 seconds to spam a FREE shop chest to get the items and wait that certain amount of time again in order to use it. Sadly this prevents others from using it for that time, but the previous user would of already forgotten to go back and steal by then