[Suggestion] Auction Residences

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  1. Before I get into it, the reason the first residence auction went horribly is because it was only done due to people bickering over wanting to get a derelict residence. It was a horrible premise to begin with and shouldn't be repeated.

    • Can not have any changes made to it (must be an empty residence)
    • Must have perms defaulted
    • Must supply SMP and Residence #
    • Cannot be auctioned off with other items
    • Cannot be auctioned off with another residence
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  2. you can just make a thread saying: selling this res: send offeres via PM. best offer is ... and you can use the /changeowner command if you want to have stuctures in it, but cool idea
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  3. You can also do that with any amount of items, yet there are still auctions.

    Only reason I excluded structures it because it has the risk of people messing with it before doing the transfer.
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  4. Seems interesting. :)

    For this, maybe require the residence to be in an "auction state", so nothing on it can be edited?
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  5. Not sure how it would work... But once a res auction is started the res is "locked" until the auction ended
    EDIT: well tom is a ninja
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  6. Hm... seems reasonable, actually. I wonder what the arguments against would be.
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