[SUGGESTION] Allow renamed items to be auctioned

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  1. I think you should be able to rename blocks/items and auction them. I think this would be a good idea because renamed items cost xp. Tell me what you think and don't shoot it down :)
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  2. They can be auctioned, they just follow the same rules as the item you renamed.

    If you rename stone, then you must have a DC of it. Simple stuff.
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  3. It costs 15 levels to rename a whole stack I think, still a lot but better than the 17,280 level you'd need otherwise
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  5. Should have made it clearer. Renamed blocks can be auctioned in any quantity
  6. I'm actually not too sure about auctioning renamed items. At all...

    Because if you rename an item then it loses its properties. This doesn't really matter too much for stone, but a DC of renamed iron blocks is basically useless unless you only plan to use the blocks to build. You can't, for example, convert the blocks back into iron ingots.

    So anyone thinking to buy the DC in order to use the iron would end up disappointed.
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  7. That'd be away around the current ruling. This would allow any regular item to be auctioned in any quantity. This change would allow people to auction 27.4 potatoes, or only a single stack of diamonds.
    The items don't lose their properties; the name can be removed from any item for the cost of only a few levels.
  8. No it can't. Even if you rename it back then it has lost its property. This is even mentioned as a technical change in comparison to vanilla. The mechanic is used to protect dragon stones iirc.
  9. Seems like a bug or an overlooked feature, as there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to craft a re-renamed item. As long as the item has a default name, it should be able to be crafted...

    This would prevent the DSF glitch, and allow normal items to be used...
  10. I don't have the actual link present, can probably look it up later, but I do recall having seen Aikar mention that this was by design. But.. That's from the top of my mind.

    Edit: I recall that this behavior changed when we went from 1.7 to 1.8. On 1.7 you could rename an item back again.
  11. Oh, wow! I did not know that!
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  12. they loose their properties, meaning that a renamed iron block will not be crafted into ingots, but if you rename the item back, it will work...
    It will get back the power to get crafted again http://empireminecraft.com/threads/renamed-items-lose-their-functionality.51180/#post-918707
    you are right shel
  13. No it doesn't. Try and you'll see for yourself.

    Edit: Also note that the thread you linked here predates 1.8. This thread was in April, and in May EMC upgraded. As mentioned above: I'm positive that's when the behavior changed. Still not fully sure if this is intended or not though, I'll look up those links later on.
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  14. A renamed item cannot be used in crafting. This is by design to allow for some custom crafting that we have created, with things like the dragon fragments and dragon stones.
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  15. Is it a bug, then, that items that had a name, but had that name cleared, cannot be used to craft? I understand why renamed items can't be named, but can't see why un-renamed items can't be used. :)
  16. The item naming history meta data. Anything with a naming history can't be crafted.
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  17. I do think we should throw out the custom crafting and replace it with a villager trade.
  18. I don't think that would work like you imagine it for the items we have.
    Villager trade coding is likely harder to maintain than the easy workbench crafting.
  19. i have tested something with this: first i renamed a cobble
    then i tested if it could be crafted into something: negative
    then i smelted it(it worked)
    and crafted it into button(it work)
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  20. Have you tested if that button worked?
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