Renamed items lose their functionality

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  1. Hi gang!

    One of the cool things of Minecraft is renaming items and many people often do that to show you their appreciation. Honestly? In some cases a renamed item is worth a lot more to me than other stuff.

    However, you also come across less serious stuff. All in good fun. But I noticed that as soon as you rename an item it becomes unusable on a crafting table. A renamed piece of leather cannot be used to create a book (but it can be used to repair leather armor on an anvil). A renamed iron block cannot be "uncrafted" into 9 ingots like a regular block can, etc, etc.

    So now I wonder if this is by design or a glitch of some sort?

    Note: I am using MC 1.7.10.
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  2. It's intended. A long time ago people were able to rename flint to "Dragon Stone Fragment" and use 9 normal renamed pieces of flint to make dragon stones.
  3. As slash said, if it weren't for this feature, #DSFAM would've broken the economy. :p
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  4. Hmmmmmm I'm using 1.8 but I'll have to try out a renamed item...maybe it's because the item might have more "potential" so it would be uncraftable due to it being named.
  5. Then its time to update the wiki, because this is important information. I'm on it.

    Thanks guys!
  6. I wonder who figured out how to do that... xD
  7. just rename back the item and it will work

    to rename back(delete the custom name till you cannot delete more characters then take out the item
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  8. Tested, can confirm, will also add this to the wiki.

    lol, this kind of (also important, thanks!) information always pops up when I'm just done with editing :D Murphy at its finest ;)
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  9. Was it you. :p
  10. just wanna know if this is a MC thing or an EMC thing?
  11. This is an EMC only thing.
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  12. What slash said. Which is why this information was so important to me; we have a wiki page which explains the differences between vanilla Minecraft and EMC. And this wasn't featured yet, but it is now.

    Thanks for the help there guys. This is how this whole thing is one huge community effort!

    And quite frankly I love that part :)
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  13. I think if You create your own fireworks and is used, it will disapear, not sure though(this is about the new wiki page you made)
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  14. Edited, not created ;) This page existed long before I had even heard of Empire Minecraft, all I did was add that specific item on renamed items.

    As to fireworks: Thanks for the suggestion! You're fully right there, I completely overlooked that one (as did many before me it seems). That's definitely another major change from vanilla and should probably be mentioned as well. I added it to my todo for now and will look into that tomorrow.