[suggestion] Abolish Vault Fees

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  1. Vault fees are effectively a tariff on the free cross-server movement of goods. It's protectionism. They serve no purpose but to prevent economic efficiency, and making each server an economic autarky.

    For those who aren't down with the economist lingo, vault fees prevent trade and make the overall EMC economy less efficient and more divided. For the integrated multi-server Empire experience to function to the best of its ability, vault fees must be abolished.

    The Empire servers are already in a common market, because of the free movement of labour (one is able to move between servers without fees) and capital (one can send rupees to others servers without fees). Why on earth are they not in a 'free trade area', I ask?
  2. You could always get 5 vault pages.. Though that's very hard for non-supporters without treasure vouchers :/

    I agree with this.
  3. Simple, get 5 vault pages.
  4. A non-supporter can't do that without vouchers which are hard and expensive to come by.. Even if you are a supporter that's 50k which most people won't bother spending for such a silly thing..
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  5. I don't believe that should be a prerequisite for accessing the amenities required for free trade.
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  6. Been suggested before, denied before. *sigh*
    It's a massive rupee drain, which is a pain but necessary otherwise the 100r everyone gets daily would make mega inflation :I
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  7. 1) You don't have to pay 10r for vault
    2) You get 4 more DC for vault
    3) seeing as you get one vault free, you only need to pay 40k, which is easily enough to get.
    4) I feel that the fee should remain in place because, you spend 20 rupees out of your 100 daily to have vault, which is very low.
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  8. I agree. It can be quite annoying when you open the wrong vault :/
  9. We do allow free trade. Just by signing in at least once a day and getting your FREE rupees, you could use your vault at least 10 times a day.
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  10. Alright, instead of a 10r import/export tariff, why not a 1r consumption taxation?
    Basically, any time you buy from a chest shop, you pay a 1r transaction fee. That would be effective as a rupee sink as a substitute to the tariff.
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  11. ... Why would we need taxes? There is no use for it.
  12. That's quite a persuasive argument...it even creates a progressive form of taxation on heavier vault users, who tend to be richer, and must use the vault more to transport their goods. Nice one.
  13. Well, there is. As a rupee sink, as an alternative to vault fees.
  14. Increasing vault fee to 5k per transaction. ;)
  15. This idea, I'm sure would upset way more people than the few (I honestly don't think there is 1) who are "hindered" by the vault fees. Way more people use chest shops than the vaults every day, so it seems your original argument was to save rupees for the average user, but your plan would probably make it worse.
  16. 1) Then how else are you supposed to get items cross-server?
    2) That's not very useful unless you're bothered by server-switching multiple times
    3) 40k is actually quite tedious for a non-supporter..
    4) Then why would you call it a 100r daily bonus if you're practically forced to waste it on faults if you want to transfer items?
  17. Look, it is not more of a rupee sink when it comes to the vault. It is a privilege, but, to make sure people are not abusing that, there is a fee in place. However, if you buy 4 more pages, you are not only paying a lifetime supply of vault, but, also 4 more DC.
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  18. You're not forced to use the vault or ever go to more than one server. It's a convenience.
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  19. hah, fair point. me and my ideas :rolleyes:
  20. Come on, you get free rupees for just signing on. You get a choice of any server to go to without any cost. You can mine on any server for free. 10 rupees? Is that really a burden?