[Suggestion] A wee bit more compass awesomeness? ;)

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  1. Hi gang,

    I know, I know; you give them a finger (or a compass in this case) and they want the whole hand. Well, yeah! :D Anyway, recently the compass got its own hyperdrive which made it 10 times more useful. Read about it here, and a full guide can be found here.

    So now I have a few suggestions to enhance a bit on it.

    /compass set here

    As the name suggests it would point the compass to your current location. This would make it a little easier to find outposts and such again; you don't have to enter coordinates, you simply enter your current location.

    Empire assistant expansion

    It doesn't have a compass inside the menu. So I'm wondering if it would be possible to detect if a player has the Empire Assistant in their inventory, and if so it could display the compass which gives access to some compass functions (I could imagine the /compass death, and /compass bed commands).

    Compass in the nether?

    This is probably not possible (or maybe not feasible) but I'm still wondering if there could be plans for this? Right now the compass no workie in the Nether, not even after using the compass commands.

    Honestly guys I tried the compass out today and I'm already extremely excited. The Empire Assistant has already regained a permanent place in my inventory because of this. And I think this update could very well be one of the best updates of 2016. At least where survival gameplay is concerned.

    This is so brilliant. I mean... It gives us advanced commands (like finding our death point) while still "fitting" the Minecraft gameplay perfectly.

    Consider me impressed!
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  2. Another use might be /compass invite "friend's name" to help keep players together when exploring. I would like to see the friend have to accept this command to keep it from being creepy/stalker like.
  3. +1 for the /compass set here command.
    -1 for the compass working in the nether. Nothing is supposed to work in the nether =P that's the kind of place it is.

    Also, how about adding a /compass location command so it tells you your current location without using F3?
  4. there already is this command. Its /loc
  5. Which was "moved" under the compass command haha, /loc is short for /comp loc now, and /dir is short for /comp dir(ection)

    see your current compass target with /comp (short for /compass)

    But yes we will be making more improvements.
    and this was released in 2015 =P
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  6. I believe, that client side modifications would need done to allow for the compass work in the nether/end. Even though you can't see the direction it is pointing, the compass direction is still being set in those worlds (so you can still use the distance command).

    Definitely more improvements planned with it. Not sure on the capabilities of tracking another player/monster with the compass, as the compass target location is a static non-moving point. Will have to see.
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