[Suggestion] A ding noise when you can die

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  1. When you die, you just have to guess when you can die again. I would like a little ding noise to cue when I can die again.
  2. This would be useful for head farming. Like most things, it could be toggled with /ps. Sounds good! +1
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  3. There's a timer as to when you can die? :confused:

    Havent died enough I guess...
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  4. is 8.5 secs if not 10 according to my calculations
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  5. +1 only if it sounds like an oven timer. Only!
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  6. This is better I think. WARNING to all headphone users :)
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  7. And it should last that long and your frozen until its over. :D
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  8. What about
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  9. Huh? Why is there a cool-down on dying? :p
  10. I'd assume if a boss or other mobs invaded your base and are spawn-killing you at your bed.
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  11. For the players wondering: if you just died then there's a 5 to 10 second cool down. It doesn't apply to mini bosses, but it's easily noticeable when farming heads while your spawn point is way up in the air: jump too fast and you won't die.

    Maybe they can use their April update for this, so instead of a bell you hear a chicken sound. And holding a chicken feather in the off hand (1.9) would activate this.

    Of course this means we should get a soulbound feather :D

    Mite seriously, sounds like a nice idea to me, even though I wouldn't use it myself.

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  12. How to get a headache
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