[SUGGESTION] 100 Vote Streak

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Which would you like to see added?

ONE Piece of Unbreakable Diamond Armor 5 vote(s) 16.1%
Unbreakable Wooden/Iron Sword 2 vote(s) 6.5%
Unbreakable Anvil 19 vote(s) 61.3%
Unbreakable Hoe/Sheers 2 vote(s) 6.5%
Other (Please Submit Idea!) 3 vote(s) 9.7%
  1. Okay so,

    20 Votes you get Voters Boots
    30 Votes you get Voters Helmet
    40 Votes you get Voters Leggings
    60 Votes you get Voters Chest
    100 Votes you get a Certificate that does nothing?

    To me it seems backwards, like you should receive the certificate before the armor. Now my suggestion isn't to switch the order though. What I suggest is adding a new item for the 100 vote streak. Something that has use but that sticks within the Armor/Tool/Weapon range. Here are some of my ideas. Just throwing them out there.

    #1 - Maybe give the players a chance to choose ONE piece of unbreakable diamond armor, chest, legs, boots, helmet. Only problem here is the rich players would buy the other pieces from other people and end up with super god armor. So the only way I can see this working is if it only works for that specific player.

    #2 - Okay maybe the first idea seemed over powered? Well since the voters armor is leather. Most of us just use it on difficulty 1 when we are out mining. So how about a Unbreakable wood or iron sword? I know they are weaker but so is leather armor. It would be a great tool for killing off the monsters on difficulty 1.

    #3 - A unbreakable anvil....I know this one would be awesome and I am pushing luck but oh well had to throw it in there.

    #4 - Okay this is one that I think will be a little more acceptable from a staff point of view. Keeping with the major perk of voters armor being unbreakable how about a unbreakable Hoe or Sheers? There not major tools that would be seen as OP. Most of use just make wooden or iron ones to get the job done so there isn't much in the market for them. You could even make it so they could choose between the two?

    Anyway please vote and include any other ideas you guys have!
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  2. The certificate is supposed to be something you are proud of. Vote to help the server, not to just keep getting better items.
  3. I vote every day regardless even before I knew about the armor. lol
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  4. but with all the constant advertising about epic rewards, you would think streak 100 would be something better than a lously piece of a paper. I like the anvil idea, but I think it should be more than just a weak tool. How about something like a bumped res slot? Really make it worth voting.
  5. It's not like the voters item are good.

    I don't think anything else should be added to 100 streak though the Unbreakable Anvil sounds good :p
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  6. Yeah but they can't make it super good cause then it would be OP. I understand why its leather.
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  7. Your logic is flawed. At 100 you get a lot more than just a "certificate that does nothing".

    You get a certificate that is pretty rare since not many players bother to get a 100 vote streak. You also get a crapton of rupees, diamonds, emeralds, etc. Not to mention the support you're showing the server.

    I think this whole thread is in poor taste.
  8. Oh btw I voted for the anvil but I seriously doubt that will happen XD
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  9. I support the server every day by playing and yes I do vote too. I have put money into the server also. I seen no harm in asking for something a little more special for players who worked hard for 100 streak. Some people can get emotional and have there pride but others want a return for there hard work lol

    Wow I didn't realize a simple idea would cause some people to freak lol
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  10. I agree, and i totally love the anvil idea. :D
    I always make sure to vote, and the 100 streak was a little disappointing.

    We all like to help support the server, but its nice getting stuff back too.
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  11. It indeed does nothing.

    By doing "Nothing" it essentially means it has no usefulness except being in a chest or item frame. It's not like the armor were you can wear it, or a sword that can kill stuff.

    Showing support or getting "Crapton" rupees (It's like 17k?) is not his point. His point is having a usable item as reward.
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  12. * Unbreakable Anvil
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  13. Yeah rupees are the least of my worries. I wouldn't sell any of my voters items. They took to much time to get. I have plenty rupees. I have had a few offers for my voters armor but to me there worth millions and I would never sell them.
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  14. Oh come on now. That's what everyone says, "I vote to support! Voting helps the server so I do it!". But let's get out of fairyland where everyone is in it for the support, you know that having the feeling of support as a 'prize' is a giant joke. Little to nobody would ever vote if that's all you got - and you know it.
  15. Now now, lets not get too spicy up in here. It's just a suggestion filled with opinions.

    I kind agree with both sides here. The certificate is made for us to be proud of voting for as long as we did. And yes, we get loads of emeralds, diamonds, and rupees. Maybe we could add another 'I'm proud for voting this long' item. Maybe not something that could be worth value to others, but rather have sentimental value. Having new items that show appreciation would be pretty cool.
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  16. Well said my friend XD
  17. Well you do also get 65,000 rupees...
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  18. Aikar has already discussed adding more voting rewards. :p Here is the thread, a lot to read through but he talks about it.
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  19. +Stable Voucher
    +Vault Voucher
    +65k (ish) rupees

    Please take that, and then compare it to the voting days of old where there was a choice of only 3 sites for a max of 100r per day and there was no such as vote streaks. And then say that it's disappointing.
  20. Well some of us are newer and have no idea how it was in the past. *points at self* =)
    Rupees get spent, vouchers get used or sold. The point was to have a useful item to keep.
    Something that has a use and is exclusive to 100 vote streak. All of those other things I
    get in many other cases not just for voting.

    NOTE: I am not unhappy or complaining about anything here. This was just meant to be and idea thread not a war zone. I just thought it was odd to give us useful items in lower votes and then a piece of paper in 100 votes. That is all...
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