Squash and Polish! Large Mini Update! 6/12/14

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  1. Hello everyone!
    We have quite a decent sized mini update here, consisting of bug fixes and adding polish to the Empire and ensuring we deliver a nice experience to our players!

    Changes going out now:

    • Fixed Mail message # on page 2+ of /mail list
    • Residence admins can now use tags even when -move (before, if -move was set, you could not find the residence by tags even if you had move, such as the owner)
    • Residence Locations saved with an invalid name can now be removed/renamed, and rename no longer allows renaming to an invalid name.
    • /time now shows am/pm version with Military in parentheses.
    • Voting and receiving more than 1 item reward now comes all as 1 mail instead of 1 per item
    • Fixed bugs in the Player Settings system that could of resulted in setting changes not taking effect properly, likely the result in Token loss on enraged.
    • Now displays time remaining for a difficulty setting change to take effect when changed during/near recent combat.
    • Added a /diff command to see your current effective difficulty and time remaining to change.
    • Added a new Player Setting to receive Token Gain notifications.
    • Players increasing their vote bonus who are below their 'highest personal max' will now receive notifications about their new bonus level (in other words, it no longer cares if its your personal high or not, it alerts you any time your bonus level goes up)
    • voting now will update information shown in /p, and properly dismiss voting announcements (well, this hasn't been properly tested as its not as easy to test in dev/stage... but it should work)
    • Long overdue! Time differences shown in various places on the Empire such as /p now list 2 units of measurement, giving a much clearer view into the actual time left, instead of "3 days" when its really near 4 days, it will say 3 days 23 hours.
    • Live Map Hide/Show is now listed in Player Settings - *WARNING*: This means you need to re-hide upon logging in! An In-game warning has also been added on login.
    • Added a new Residence Flag "dropitems", to control if players can drop items on your Residence.
    • Mooshrooms now properly require shear flag
    • You may now dismount your horse and it stay there on any residence you have Admin flag on.
    • Old members! If you played on EMC before /p, joining SMP1 will now automatically update your first join date to match what is stored on SMP1's player file! So you will now get a true first sign on date.
    • Fixed bug with some staff who have _ in name not receiving a * in chat.
    • Server switching can now be done with /smp1, /smp2, /utopia, /pvp and /mobarena!
      There is also a /go command for it, but I will be removing the bungee default /server handler and then /server will also work as /go. This will open a chest GUI server switcher.

      The Empire Assistant also now shows a Switch Server button.
    • Zombie Plague was removed from the [All] setter.
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  2. hold on, thankfully nick caught something wrong on stage with the dropitems flag...
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  3. :D

    This is awesome
  4. Thanks!

    You were second.
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  5. Looking good
  6. sending out now, missed an s on the check for itemdrops! lol
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  7. Also, nice Title Contradiction
  8. YES. I can finally just do /smp1 :D
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  9. Just an idea, maybe add hours to the last voting time, last seen, and first sign-in?
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  10. Did this update also roll out the new voting rewards, or is that yet to come?
  11. Still to come, Mojangs crap distracted me from getting as much done as I wanted to.
  12. This is all a shared code segment that says "print time remaining", and 3 levels deep could get ugly, though I could make depth configurable per usage of the function.

    But it might make those lines a little too long and unclean to read.
  13. new voting rewards?
  14. I just thought it would make more sense to at least have hours if minutes is going to be included. I wouldn't mind if minutes was replaced with hours though.
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  15. Can I suggest the ability to do /diff set # ?
    Also, /utopia doesn't work. It just says "This world no longer exists. Use /wild instead"
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  16. Looks good!
  17. /ps set diff # should work :)
  18. fixed last night in the auto update, forgot to remove that old handler

    and as rainbow said, /ps set difficulty #
    IT does include hours. You likely hit it when there was less than 1 hour and the next denomination was minutes.
  19. it really is crap