[Suggestion] 1.7 Wilderness

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Yay or nay

Yay 12 vote(s) 48.0%
Nay 8 vote(s) 32.0%
On the fence(post in comments) 5 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. I recently started a SP 1.7 world and the land and flowers and everything is beautiful. It makes the land look amazing. I thought for a second what if we had a separate 1.7 outpost instead of resetting the outpost?

    So here is how it would work.

    On every smp server, we would have a command called /frontiernew and /frontierold. Frontier Old will go back to the old updated wilderness that has never updated. On /frontiernew it will be updated with new chunks from 1.7. People will be able to keep there old wilderness outposts and not have to worry about it being resseted. This idea can also add interest for more users to make wilderness outposts, so they can make outposts on /frontiernew and have the land amazing. The idea of the wilderness is to be beautiful, so why not we add a few things? On the 1.7 wilderness we can have east, west, south, and north like wastelands. It is annoying having to walk 5000 blocks away from spawn and later being killed by a mob or something. If this happens, this will make shop owners get items easier and other players.

    Ideas to add on? Post in comments.
  2. well how many chunks are loaded on each world. an admin would have to do this so trolls cannot mess with stuff even more and as easy. i do want this to happen but it will take lots of time. i think players should have a good 3 weeks to report there chunks so they are not reset but it seems like a tricky concept and may end in disaster. We need to see if aikar thinks it is possible to code in the transformation. i also think it shouldnt be attempted mainly because of the chance of old members joining and finding there stuff reset in the wild may not be good.
  3. No, this idea will not reset any wilderness. It will just simply add on, not remove.
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  4. well i think it will automatically add on as you go through the world if it is in 1.7
  5. well the real question is if we get a world for amplified biomes world get for the servers
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  6. I have a question with flowers and bone meal: If ur in a flower meadow and I use bone meal do u have a chance to get every flower?
  7. Except sunflower.
  8. I see what you are saying, put a new outpost on the current frontier wild, but instead of making it 10000 blocks from spawn, make it 50,000 blocks from spawn so it will be all new chunks and generated with the 1.7 updates, but still just an extension of the existing map. Is this your plan?

    I am in favor, if it is possible.
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  9. well here is the issue i personally have a outpost 50k blocks out so...
  10. I already said that it won't RESET THE WILDERNESS! All it will do is add a separate wilderness for 1.7. It will not remove anything.
  11. Some players have outposts 50K out, so this probably won't work. Thats why we should just add a separate world for the wilderness in 1.7
  12. Didn't we have the wastelands for that?
    Also, going out farther into unexplored territory should get you those biomes...
  13. No, wastelands is for mining. Wilderness is for player outposts and building stuff. With new 1.7 stuff, it will make it look even nicer.

    Going out far is to hard and a huge waste. Most people going to an outpost don't want to go 50k out just to go there. They want a easy route to get to the 1.7 land.
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  14. I live less than 25k out in the frontier and most of it is 1.6 land.
    If anyone is really serious about having a permanent base AND 1.7, the trip out there really is worth it [mainly for the former reason]
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  15. If we can have a 1.7 wastelands that resets to every update, we can have a separate wilderness for 1.7. Soon in the future we are going to have even MORE land updates and we will have to go 100K out just to get 1.9 updates or 2.0 updates.
  16. One appreciates their success more if they work harder to attain their goal.

    The easy route is rarely the best one to take. People often forget that 5000 blocks in the nether is 40000 blocks in the overworld. Get some picks, a flint and steel, some obsidian, and a bed. Travel 5000+ blocks. Build a portal and enter it. Build a small hut. Place your bed, and sleep in it. Bam, you are (usually) in a newly generated area, you have a spawn set, and you can build your base.
  17. Well. Something that they could do is mass reset all of the wilderness and regenerate all of the biomes. The mods could make it so that it does not generate into places.
  18. They could, if it wasn't impossible. The only way around it would be senior staff going around regening certain areas, which for obvious reasons, isn't going to happen.
    The wilderness frontier as we know it now will never be reset, either in whole or in part.
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