[Sugestion] 2 New Flags...

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What do you think about my idea?

+1. (I support this idea) 13 vote(s) 68.4%
Don't care 3 vote(s) 15.8%
-1 ( Not so good idea) 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. I think adding these two flags would help everyone but horse people more... The flags are, leash/lead flag, and spawn horse flag. Because for these 2 flags you need build flag, but most people don't wanna give out build flag so these would be handy. For a example MoeMacZap has build a race track on smp9 and he wanted people to be able to tie up there horses, but didn't want to give out build flag. And not just spawn horse flag, it would be jump spawn flag with all the animals as sub-flags. So for horses it would be "/res (p)set (name) spawn:horse true". I think some people would have no benefit if these were flags but others would benefit extremely.

    Thanks, please comment your opinion on my idea below

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  2. There's already a horse flag and I think there is a subset of flags for use with lead in it
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  3. I do t think so... I'll check.
  4. I KNOW there's a horse flag but not the lead subflag
  5. What is the horse flag? I think it's just build flag.
  6. You can find it here but they could add a subset of horse flags because from what I think your asking there isn't anything about it yet
  7. Well I want a use:lead/leash flag and a horse:spawn flag or a spawn:horse flag...
  8. I can see where your coming from here on this, giving someone a build flag just to spawn animals like horses can be risky. As for the lead flag, it's a fairly minor flag that people most of the time won't need.
  9. Not many people need use:bed either, but that exists
  10. True, it all depends on what the mods think about adding flags like these.
  11. Yeah at least someone feels my pain
  12. I'm not too sure about the lead flag, it seems a bit pointless to me, so no vote from me there (note: no vote means neutral; I'm not in favor but I'm also not against).

    But I'm definitely in favor of the spawn flag. I could think of a spawn flag as the global "container" flag which could then allow "spawn:ocelot", "spawn:horse", "spawn: pig", etc. No idea if this is doable or not, but I'm pretty sure it could help players.

    +1 on the spawn flag, nice idea.
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  13. I do agree. The spawn flag would help but lead flag not so much. But even if spawn flag was added it would help a lot.
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  14. Is that currently enveloped around build flag? Could look at breaking that off. Possibly, no guarantees
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  15. I'll argee with ShelLuser aswell, it whould be nice in this case... but... when you set spawn:pig true, will people also be able to spawn renamed pigs?
  16. Right now in order to spawn a animal on a residence you need build flag.
  17. Unfortunately not, which is also why I wonder if this would be doable. I am aware of comments where someone commented that it was tricky to separate different material types during build, so I could imagine that the same problem can apply here.