[STREAM] Early Morning Empire

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by deadmon5, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Had a ball, thanks Deadmon and everyone who came out! <3
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  2. Thanks so much for hosting, Deadmon :) had so much fun, good to see everyone!
  3. I checked out a bit of the VOD out of curiosity, and this looks quite relaxing! Maybe I should check in some time. :) It is during the time when I usually play piano, though (which I have little time for anyway lately), so we'll have to see if I can give this priority once. ;)
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  4. I tried to join the stream but mixer decided I didn't have an account anymore and wouldn't let me log in. I'll be getting around to redo that account so i may join in on the streaming fun.
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  5. No EME this morning. Sorry guys had a last minute thing come up. As for now Thursdays episode is still planned but will update in case of change. So for now anyway I will see you thursday!
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  6. For those who don't know I live in Illinois. Starting tomorrow 3/21/20 the state will be shutdown except for nonessential personnel. The factory I work at is considered nonessential however our sister factory is considered essential. So starting sunday night I will reporting there until further notice. It's great to still be able to work but there are some drawbacks. Its further away from my house and they are on mandatory overtime for the foreseeable future. Their schedule is also different. So I wont be able to host EME till at least April 7th if not longer. In times such as these it is important to remember to take care of each other and don't lose track of what makes us human. We will preserve through these hard times and come out more unified than ever before. Its been my honor providing you with a escape from reality these past few months and I promise to return as soon as possible. Until then, my name has been deadmon5 you have been awesome and this has been The Early Morning Empire.
  7. And my Name has been mommybot42! Friend of Deadmon5!

    Hopefully everything works out with you mon! stay safe!
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