[STREAM] Early Morning Empire

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  1. welp todays stream was fun! to bad we lost mon like a kid lost his mom in Walmart... oh well! :p
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  2. Hello all! Just wanna give a quick heads up there will be no episodes on the 24th and 26th next week. I've had my work scheduled changed on me and will unable to go live sadly. Plus its the holidays next week and I understand alot of people have more important plans. So the plan is to return on the 31st of December and close out the year with another installment. Hope to see you all there! Happy Holidays!
  3. This gave me an idea! deadmon5, is it possible to film a movie as just another player and put it up for others to see? I'm a movie editor (for fun) in real life. I'd like to make a script with a bunch of people. Film it. Edit it. And put it on YouTube. Is that possible?
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  4. I'm not sure if it goes against the rules. It would be EMC appropriate, of course, because it will be filmed in EMC.
  5. Sounds totally fine. :) I wonder how you're meaning to integrate it with deadmon's stream, though. Or was this just an idea you came up with here and wanted to share right away, and not truly relevant to the thread?
  6. I wanted to share it right away! He inspired me to think outside the box of usual moviemaking. I want to make it myself. And I would like to include everyone interested who is willing to follow the rules. I'd have to be the main character, unless someone else is committed to filming, but we would get to that later. Also, another problem: no emotion! I'm going to have a discussion with the Stream Team, which I've never heard of, so....I'm excited to see what it is. Thanks for your interest in the subject!
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  7. A last minute meeting has pushed back EME to 9:15am emc time this morning. See you there!
  8. woot good stream today thanks for everyone coming! :p
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  9. Sorry guys I gotta call in sick this mornin. Hope to be better by thursday
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  10. get well quick! :)
  11. See you guys at 9 :)
  12. woot!
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  13. we finally got the head of our enemy! after many battles... and we all got separated going to the end!
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  14. its not a true livesteam till the party splits up xD kinda like dnd in that regard
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  15. surprisingly we didn't lose everyone as usual and instead of an eyender this stream we found a marlix!
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  16. yeah thats the first time the party has actually stayed together! xD
  17. Well the cooling system apparently decided to quit on my old laptop. No worries however as my new gaming pc should arrive wednesday! :D So due to current status there will be no stream this tuesday 2/18/20. Hope to have the new setup ready by thursday though!