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  1. So which do EMCians enjoy? Maybe if a group of us have some of the same ones, we can test our leader skills against each other.
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  2. Red alert 2. Greatest strategy game ever made ;)
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  3. I obey Yuri.
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  4. Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors, Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics are good strategy games that I normally play.
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  5. I assume she means multiplayer ones then? I enjoy Starcraft, even though I am terrible at it. Starcraft 2. League of Legends. Hmmm. I dowloaded tribes but havent played it.
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  6. Really any, but I'd enjoy if we could get some multiplayer games going.
  7. Suggest a few then, I dont mind getting into new ones :p
  8. If only Plants vs. Zombies was multiplayer :p
  9. Men of War: Assault Squad... Supreme Commander... Napoleon Total War... :D
  10. Portal 2. Not sure considered strategy, but I sure need some.
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  11. Portal 2 is a fpp (first person puzzle) game, but it is a good game with fun co-op.

    I have a bunch. Ones I have installed at this time are. Rise of the Nations, Call to Power 2, Civ 3,4,& 5 , Sins of a Solar Empire, Sword of the Stars, Elemental: War of Magic.
  12. Yuri is master. I got for Yuri. Demolition Truck: Why don't you drive? BEST GAME EVER!
  13. I've played Age of Empires, but never civilization, though I heard they were (somewhat) similar haha. Never heard of th others though. Which one do you recommend?
  14. Man Yuri is a beast lol, I'm about download RA: 3 and AoE 2, good times lol
    Which turret who guys and girls liked better Frances "Grand Cannon" or Yuri's " Gattling Cannons" for ground defense
  15. I actually have it on ps3, but havent done it for my pc yet, though i have the free code lol.
  16. Grand cannon was boss but Gatling cannon was wayyy op
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  17. Age of empires 3: aisian dynasties+the war chiefs are awesome!
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  18. All of them. Civilization is the easiest to get into though. I'd recommend Civ 4 or 5.
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