Strange Happenings at Moose's Mansion

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  1. Over the last few years, there have been many rumours as to what exactly the northwest 124x124 residence on SMP2 is. The Empire Wiki is limited in its description:


    This SMP2 location (/v moose) is a large building sometimes called a Town hall. It is owned by Ignoramoose. Unfortunately, players are unable to move onto this residence at the moment.

    Not much is known beyond what is above. Despite being considered abandoned - in the last few days strange reports have been coming in of changes within the residence. Lights have begun to appear both outside and visible through the windows. The sounds of movement reported from within the estate, however, no one has been seen entering or leaving the residence. As late as yesterday afternoon - players have been reported to enter and move on the residence and perish from either combat with other players, environmental hazards or worse. If the most alarming rumour holds true - it is believed the ghastly owner still stalks the halls of the mansion, protecting its secrets, and perhaps great treasure within from intruders.

    Beware all who may enter this unhallowed ground - as your safety cannot be guaranteed.
  2. This is quite the interesting tale :p
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  3. :O Years of playing video games has created an urge to enter this mansion!
  4. Cool. :)
    Have fun, everyone who's going to investigate! ^_^
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  5. This sounds awesome! :)
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  6. Wait, this is real? Is this real life? Are we fighting an elder god? Is this god? What's happening?
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  7. After Much rustration we finally got to the basement area

    P.s moose the lever thing was confusing someone just ended up randomly pulling the levers until the door opened
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  8. Moose you and your house are pure evil. It's like the house was born from madness to torment us all. Oh and then it just hired you to torment us all even more. Just. Evil.
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  9. Who knows how far it goes? You've made it to the end, where else might there be?

    I suspected someone would just pull levers until they got through. Might have to change the combo...

    People invade your house, and you mean you wouldn't defend it? :)
  10. Normal people would just leave.

    Or burn it. I prefer burning because you can make it out with a package of hot dogs, find a stick somewhere and start roasting weenies while you watch your memories burn out of existence.
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  11. On the invisible parkour (Thanks Krysyy <3), there's one jump over by the wall where the block you're jumping to is two blocks above the one you start on. Is there a way around this, or did I just go in the completely wrong direction?
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  12. to add on to this question, i have seen people with potions are potions aloud? (speed, leaping/jump boost and so on)
  13. They are fine, but not required.
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  14. There are several places where you’ll get the haste buff from the beacons. You’ll need it and have to move quickly to make the required jumps once you leave it’s raidus.
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  15. Huh, that's interesting!
  16. As I've explained to a few on the residence - the intention is that the difficulty scales the further you go. There are some unique mechanics that come into play as you get further down.

    Example - with the lowest haste provided by a beacon, you can make a 5 block jump.
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  17. do you mean speed? not haste?
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  18. A post from moose? What a treat!