Stardew Valley

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  1. AGES ago I've played it, but somehow it felt all so overwhelming.. So I quit.
    But now seeing this thread, I'm gonna jump back into it!

    Any beginner advice is more then welcome!:D
  2. Hiya pal! I still play occasionally. Why don’t you send me an invite sometime? Multiplayer makes this title more enjoyable!
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  3. I do actually try and do all the things but tbh.. I just play to have fun and I don't really stress about hitting all the points in a rush. I take my time.. I mean I think I'm in my third year and have just gone to the desert once very recently and just as recently I finally got the last dang fish I needed from Krobus.
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  4. As crystaldragon said, there aren't any real deadlines in the game, so take as much time as you need for anything. It's easy to get caught up in a mindset of "I have to do all these things today!" and get stressed out, but I find that if I give myself one or two tasks to do each day aside from the standard water crops + replant as needed + maintain animals + talk to whatever villagers I come across, it's usually pretty manageable.
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  5. Oh yes, we def should play together sometime mate!!
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  6. I remember that this was actually why I quit the last time playing it.. I wanted to do so much in one single stardew day. It was impossible, it stressed me out, so I quit.

    But now I started two days ago a new farm, and just taking it all easy. Enjoying the beauty of the game.
    Without stressing about the tasks etc.
  7. I need to get this game, because this seems like an amazing game to play in my free time. It may even help lower my blood pressure after a long day at work. Terraria is another great game, but due to its nature, you have a bit of thrilling moments that isn't the best for relaxing. XD
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