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  1. Hoi! I like playing Stardew Valley when I'm not playing minecraft, if you're here chances are you do too.
    So let's discuss stuff about stardew valley!

    What's your favorite thing to do on there, are you more of a miner, farmer, Fisher, etc.
    Which characters do you like da best ? Dis is da perfect place to talk anything related to stardew valley :3

    I personally love collecting the lil berries, and treasures that go into restoring the community shelter because they're cool. (Also I guess that means I like mining to find special gems :p )
    My favorite character might have to be either Shane, Harvey, or Pierre :)
  2. I remember on my first play through I went through hell and back just to thirst trap Sebastian #tfwnogothbf
    I memorized all of his loves. His birthday is Winter 10.

    But also I made a chart of every single character (including Krobus, the Dwarf, and Sandy) and their loves (By loves I mean gifts that they love to recieve), and it's still on my corkboard on my desk. I'll share a picture of it when I get back home
  3. Oh my gosh, I love this game so much <3
    In my singleplayer game, I'm about halfway through the summer of year 2, and I'm on day 7 of Spring 1 in a co-op game that I started with [player who does not wish to be named] a few days ago. I try not to spend too much time on the wiki in order to not spoil too much of the game, and if that means I accidentally give my wife a gold-tier poppy, so be it :p

    I really enjoy discovering what types of fish can be caught where and when. I have a small fish collection in some chests on my farm, and am currently trying to expand that collection :)

    Also if any of y'all want to do a co-op world, let me know :)
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  4. Theu have coops now ? :eek: since when !
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  5. Co-op is in beta right now on steam, you have to manually set it up that way and I forgot how but you can find it online
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  6. Co-ops was released just under a week ago. I haven't set one up myself yet, but I think you either give the people you want to play with a world code or you select people from your friends list who have the game to play with. Idk, I'll fiddle around with it some time.
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  7. Oooo dis gonna be guud
  8. I'm actually probably wrong abt co-op being in beta cause it's been a while since I've played but yeh
  9. I played about 50 hours in the span of 4 days during Thanksgiving break last year. I didn't really play again until the co-op beta came out. When that happened my friends and I played a new farm. It's a really fun game.
  10. I REALLY want to get this game, but 16$ is a stretch for me :(
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  11. Honestly it's totally worth that much, but sometimes it goes on sale for $12
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  12. Stardew valley is <3 The only game that I have both on PC and Switch, couldn't resist the temptation. I still prefer PC version due to easier controls, at least it feels so to me :)
    I definitely am more of a farmer and I love they added the "little helpers" (avoiding spoilers) for option of autofarming :)
    Your post itched me to open my old saves and I see how I could greatly improve the whole layout and implement the new stuff as well. I had the second save where I started to work on it, which is on year 2 only, but I kinda got bored of it right before the multiplayer/co-op was released in beta and moved to terraria.
    This is the farm picture of my very very first farm on Stardew, it doesn't look great at all and so many improvements and the change of layout is needed. I might return to Stardew to do so :)

    You might want to look up for sales, as they happen to be pretty often, either on steam, GOG or humble.
  13. That's a way better layout than anything I can make I'll tell you that
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  14. Stardew Valley seems really interesting! I don't really game on pc, though, so I won't get it, unless I can buy it on a console I own.
    To those who have played it: how does it compare to different Story of Seasons (that which was formerly called Harvest Moon) games? Assuming you've played some, as I've heard Stardew Valley often mentioned when talking about Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons) games in specific. :)
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  15. stardew valley is inspired by Harvest moon, but much less of a hassle with the crop growth (you don't water : they just don't grow, and there's much less of a difference between the various grow sequences of the crops.) With Harvest Moon, I had to have an excel sheet, not with Stardew Valley.
    The various easter eggs, references, and the various characters' reactions are more 'grown-up' than in Harvest Moon -in HM, the characters were a bit naive, maybe?-
    But all in all, it has the same peaceful and wonderful vibe, I'd say. :D
  16. I love Stardew Valley! <3 <3 <3
    I go back and replay it regularly. I had to play every farm type. I had to play a game just to get full hearts on all the NPCs. I only did the JoJo mart version once. The Community Center path is far more fun IMO. It has a surprising amount of replay-ability because you can play the game with different goals in mind. The dev has also continued to add content in new events and late game quests.
  17. Ha, I can imagine. :D It's got its charm, though. But I do like the idea of these more 'grown-up' reactions.
    Thanks for the detailed reply. :)
  18. I used SMAPI to get the joja mart achievement cause I just didn't have the heart to sit there and support morris over the town
  19. Going to drop these couple links here, if anyone might find them useful.

    Basically, a farm layout planner. Under "layout" tab, you can choose the farm type. It has been a great assistance so far, especially since the access to zoomed out view gives so much better perspective.

    The tool to upload a farm save data, which will also give you zoomed out view of that particular world, as well as some useful stats all in one place.
  20. Thanks, this is a really useful link! :)
    Now, without further ado, I present to you, Rosewood farm! \o/

    (It's not overgrown, idk what yer talking about)
    (Also this is summer of year 2 so don't judge the greenhouse)