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How many times have you rewatched your favorite Star Wars movie/episode?

1-5 (lifetime) 3 vote(s) 25.0%
5-14 (lifetime) 4 vote(s) 33.3%
15+ (lifetime) 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Once - twice yearly 4 vote(s) 33.3%
Almost (bi)monthly 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. PSA: Season 2 has completed Disney+! Feel free to talk spoilers up until season 2 of Mando.
    If you are following The High Republic please share your thoughts!
    If you are going to talk rumors/leaks please use spoiler tags!
    [spoiler] Juicy Stuff Here! [/spoiler]
    Let's talk some Star Wars!

    I know there are several Star Wars fans in this community so I just wanted to create an open space for discussion for us to talk Star Wars! Share your movie rankings, favorite character, book, movie. comic, Legends, whatever! Let's talk some Star Wars

    Star Wars handling has been a bit controversial, so the saying "No one hates Star Wars, more than Star Wars fans" has been going on, however I despise that statement! People like or dislike certain aspects of Star Wars, and because they/we love this franchise we are vocal about it. so please everyone respect everyone opinions!


    Anyways, I'm gonna go a start ahead with an icebreaker question? What is your favorite era/realm in Star Wars?

    I personally grew up with TCW, seeing it every week after school, so I love that. I also love how it expanded the universe, and made it seem like a galaxy wide conflict from the small or large politics involved, to the different communities that got affected by it, and how they handled it. And WOW, the final arc which released this year was amazing! What about you?

    Gonna post about Mandalorian later this week =D

    Did you dress for Halloween as StarWars? Favorite media of StarWars? What did you think of Mando?
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  2. Mandalorian S2E3 SPOILERS

    Bo katan, love Katy sachof playing her (she also does her voice in TCW). I loved the way the three death watch mandalorian had awesome team synchronization and it felt like Mando was falling behind (really nice with the juxtaposition of him saying a couple of minutes before that they weren't real mandalorians), but Mando stepped up at the end and was able to finish the mission.. Amazing... also did I mention AHSOKA TANO
  3. Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 spoilers
    I was expecting another soft filler episode to lead us into the introduction to Bo Katan (especially when I saw the episode was 36 minutes long)... BOY WAS I SURPRISED! I really liked this episode a lot! It does a good job of reminding us that Mando is not safe anywhere, whether it be hunters trying to capture Baby Yoda or anyone who wants his valuable Beskar armour. It also did a good job at making Mando feel vulnerable. Where the two previous episodes almost had Mando at "god-like" status, this episode made the tensions real. Especially during the boat battle where I feared for Baby Yoda's life

    AND THEN BO KATAN ENTERED AND IT WAS AWESOME! I knew the second I saw that amazing helmet. It was amazing. Yes, kind of a deus ex machina considering the moment, but so worth it. She's so cool! The episode also continues the side story of the frog lady and her husband, but more importantly, it gives Baby Yoda a redemption arc after he eats her children. Although that's just the small story details I notice. THE IMPERIAL SHIP BATTLE WAS AWESOME! Some of the most thrilling action in the entire show. The reintroduction to Moff Gideon's character was perfectly executed. Also AHSOKA TANO! I can't wait to see Ahsoka. Honestly, it's worth watching the show just to see Ahsoka

    This part isn't a spoiler but I have to mention it. Ludwig Göransson is killing it with the score! I was very impressed with the first episode's music, and once again with the second episode's. This third episode Ludwig blew my mind once again. Between Tenet and The Mandalorian season 2, Ludwig has really impressed me this year!
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  4. Can someone not be a fan of Star Wars without having rewatched their favourite entry? ;)
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  5. I guess I phrased the poll wrong... It should be "watched" instead of "rewatched". I do know other people which watch Star Wars very rarely because it makes the "event" more special. I'd argue that at least they rewatch it at least one time because of the hype, however it is possible to just see your favorite entry one time. :)
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  6. Wow! Another solid episode in a so-far great season. I think this is one of, if not, the most important episode yet this season, and I'll get back to why. First, big props to Carl Weathers for directing this episode! He brought a refreshing approach to the show that made this episode all the better. There were definitely a few mishaps here and there. I though some cuts were either odd or excessive, and the climax of the episode seemed to move quickly contrary to the slower approach of everything prior.

    This episode was a huge one for plot progression. We learned more about Navarro (that was the main location of Season 1) and how it's progressed since last seen. We also revisit Greef Carga and Cara Dune and see where they've come. The biggest progression though definitely has to be the development of Gideon's Imperial remnant and the motives behind their strive for Baby Yoda. If I had to guess, and I might be totally wrong, I think Moff Gideon is leading the attempts to clone Palpatine. I was listening closely to the score (as I always do) and it really felt like a mix of Palpatine's theme and the First Order theme played when that Imperial scientist's holo-message was playing. Even scarier, thanks to The Rise of Skywalker we know they succeed in cloning Palpatine somehow. Hopefully, Baby Yoda isn't the only way to do so

    Either way, Moff Gideon vs Ahsoka next week?
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  7. Yeah definitely agree that the direction from Carl Weathers was on point to capture what Star Wars is. The episode had tons of little details, was actionpacked but well paced. Baby Yoda's was cute as ever, but possibly the second to last episode we see him in since, Ahoksa vs Gideon is definitely next episode. What I think will happen is Gideon will show up with those Phase 1 Dark troopers at the end, and ahsoka will wreck them. Making Ahsoka trustworthy in the eyes of Mando, that she can take care of the Child.

    Also, Cara Dune actual daughter of Bale Organa? (Straight from SWT's stream). That suddle moment definitely had meaning, seems kinda VERY important

    Yeah I think those were the first attempts of make a force sensitive clone which led to Palpatine/Snoke, however I'm hopeful that the Filoniverse will become a thing, and just let this be its own thing, (and maybe reset the ST?)

    Cara Dune being a Boss
    Scout troopers chase
    Cloning/The Child stuff
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  8. I can’t watch A New Hope anymore without remembering how much cooler this is than the actual fight scene, where it appears two old men are hitting each other with walking sticks.

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  9. Before I get into the episode, I gotta vent a bit. So, I overloaded my first half of the week with schoolwork that way I could have Thursday off to relax and prepare for the new episode. I had selected a few episodes of The Clone Wars and Rebels to rewatch in anticipating for a certain character's rumoured return. Everything was going smoothly, and then... bam. The internet providers decide to do maintenance. For five hours the internet is out, on the worst day possible at the worst time possible. I don't get the chance to watch The Clone Wars or Rebels in anticipation, and I miss the 3am drop for the new episode. Yeah, annoying. Whatever though, the episode made up for it!

    God bless Dave Filoni! What an episode! I still don't think Dave Filoni is the greatest director, and I felt that showed a few times during this episode. Primarily with the odd intercutting of the final battle. Just when tension was building between Ahsoka and Elsbeth, they would cut away. It felt off but didn't explicitly bother me until Ahsoka asks her question and CUT to clear skies and happy recovered town. It didn't feel as smooth as it easily could've been, which is a similar issue I had with the ending of the last episode. Although, where there are flaws there are strengths. The opening scene of this episode was brilliant! The misty ruined forests and Ahsoka hunting the guards like a fierce predator, it was brilliant!

    Now, time to be a Star Wars fan. AHSOKA TANO OH MY GOD! Obviously no one will ever top Ashley Eckstein, but Rosario Dawson portrayed a damn good live action Ahsoka! I had seen her in other stuff prior and had no doubts she would deliver, but it was just amazing to see how great Ahsoka was. I was left with a few questions, and spoilers for Rebels if you haven't seen the entire show. Where are Captain Rex and Sabine Wren? I guess Captain Rex could be forming the New Republic with the Rebellion, and Sabine could be on Lothal, but I would've imagined they'd all be together. Last we knew, Ahsoka and Sabine were searching for Ezra (which it seems as if Ahsoka still is). Also, what happened to that really cool staff Ahsoka had at the end of Rebels? It's like she went from Gandalf the Grey, to Gandalf the White, back to Gandalf the Grey. ALSO AHSOKA TANO MADE A SEX JOKE?! (I'm allowed to say that on EMC forums right? Surely I gotta be) WHAT?!

    I don't care that his name is Grogu, I'm still calling him Baby Yoda. Here's my brilliant theory, and hear me out on this one. Baby Yoda was at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during The Clone Wars, and he was kept hidden. Why is this? Well, I believe that the all wise and all good Yoda and the mysterious Yaddle broke the Jedi code and did the unholy acts. In the process, Yaddle got pregnant. In order to protect his image in the Jedi Order, Yoda hid Baby Yoda away so that no one would question his authority or loyalty to the Jedi code. Allegedly, Yaddle sacrificed her life by absorbing a bioweapon to protects the people of Mawan. Who sent her to Mawan? Who released the bioweapon? None other than... YODA! Star Wars has always been about politics, and Yoda is a CORRUPT RELIGIOUS LEADER! It's always the ones you least expect that hurt the most :(

    Also Thrawn! I can't remember if Ahsoka is getting a spin-off series or not, at this point I've lost track. If she is, Thrawn will probably be the big bad guy of her series. If not, Thrawn will probably be the big bad guy of Mando after Gideon is gone (which I still don't think will happen until next season). I'd also like to theorize that Gideon captures Baby Yoda, forcing Mando to reunite with whoever (i.e. Ahsoka, Bo-Katan, Cara, pick and choose your characters) to rescue Baby Yoda, and that's how Gideon powers up the Dark Troopers (because we know he'll get them operating, otherwise why show them?). Anyway, maybe both my theories are wrong XD Fantastic episode though! Can't wait until next week
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  10. The first time I watched this episode, i did find it had strange pacing, but that is very filoni-esk. The second and third time I got to see it, the episode was even more beautiful. Filoni does a great job to bring lots to the lore, while keeping the mystery all too well!

    The flash forward in Rebels happens 6 years after RotJ, while Mando S1E1 happens 5 years after. I think this scene with Ahsoka the gray occurs a couple of months before Ahsoka reaches out to Sabine. Right now she doesn't know where Thrawn is, when she looks for Sabine, I assume she does.

    I personally think Palpatine was the one who took Grogu, and that is why Grogu has dark memories (probably erased), and knows how to force choke. But I've seen other people think it was Obi Wan, Jocasta (the librarian), Mace Windu(after he falls, and somehow survives), or just that he was able to hide alone.
    As for Jedi being able to procreate, I don't think that was banned specifically. Having attachments/relations were banned, but doing pg18 stuff is not. However, I do not think he is Yoda's child.

    I think Thrown is my favorite character after Ahsoka. Both the new books and the old ones are great. There is an Ahsoka/Sabine show that is rumored as well as an Ezra/Thrawn show. I do think Baby Yoda will be absent next season/caputed by Gideon after season 3. I'm really excited for next week's episode, and the general future of Star Wars.
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  11. This fan-edit is great. Its sad the the technology (and actor's ages) from the 80s negatively impacted the lightsaber fights, however I think they helped build the mystery that the Jedi have. When I see A New Hope I often see this edit right after lol
  12. I liked the first couple movies on VHS. I didn't like it when George Lucas "re-released" them with the unnecessary CGI.
  13. may the force be with you....
  14. I feel like writing a lot, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to start a discussion on this thread about a recent statement made by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. When asked by a fan whether or not he ever considered having Anakin make an appearance, Johnson replied:

    "Briefly for the tree burning scene, but luke’s relationship was with Vader not really anakin, which seemed like it would complicate things more than that moment allowed. Yoda felt like the more impactful teacher for that moment."

    This has sparked more discussion amongst Star Wars fans over Rian Johnson's execution of The Last Jedi. I will open my thoughts by stating that I am a film critic first and a Star Wars fan second. In short, while I think as a Star Wars fan it would've been nice to see Luke talk with Anakin's ghost, I do think Rian made the correct decision from a filmmaking perspective. However, even on the Star Wars side of of things, I believe Rian has a fantastic understanding of the Star Wars universe.

    Throughout the original trilogy, Luke (naturally) strived to learn about his father at any chance he got. However, as we all know, at the end of Empire Strikes Back it was revealed to Luke that Darth Vader was his father. A New Hope was about Luke finding his purpose in the galaxy. Empire Strikes Back follows Luke as he learns more about the force and the meaning of being a Jedi, and ultimately, the significance of his friends. Return of the Jedi is a film I don't think is nearly as strong as the prior two, but it offers a relationship between Luke and Vader - not Luke and Anakin. Luke's intentions are to find the good within his father and bring back the Anakin Skywalker that once existed, but throughout the film this relationship is shared with a Vader that wants to turn Luke to the dark side. It isn't until his final moments that Anakin is truly present. Anakin's death is one of the greatest moments across Star Wars as a whole, but it is still a minimal moment.

    In the context of The Last Jedi, Luke has turned away and secluded himself on Ahch-To for the safety of others. It continues his character arc of self-discovery. Luke has always been about overcoming mistakes. His ignorance to the Empire's tyranny was overcome when he joined the fight of the Rebellion. His vulnerability to the dark side was overcome when he threw away his lightsaber and was ready to die if it meant not slaying Vader. We learn that Kylo Ren succumbed to the dark side while under Luke's training. Luke feared he had created a new Vader, and misguided, he almost killed Kylo to prevent that from happening.

    Would it have been cool to see Anakin's force ghost? Of course! What would Anakin tell Luke though? He's had no experience being a father. I can't imagine there's much advice Anakin could give Luke in the given situation that would be helpful. The most he could give Luke is closure with their relationship, which he already got at the end of Return of the Jedi. Luke's mistake was made as a teacher. He had no guidance. Who better to appear than Yoda, the wisest Jedi and most prolific teacher from the Jedi Order. Not to mention, Yoda was also Luke's teacher. Yoda gives one of his greatest quotes in The Last Jedi when he states:

    "Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery, hmm… but weakness, folly, failure also. Yes: failure, most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters."

    There is so much emotion carried through these words. Luke had failed as a teacher. He was once again lost, the last Jedi now burdened with reviving a fallen Order. Even more, he was burdened with teaching his nephew. What Yoda says is the perfect lesson Luke needed. This scene was the perfect cathartic end for Yoda's character, and prepared the film to give the perfect cathartic end for Luke's character.

    In my opinion, the best way for Luke to get more closure on his relationship with his father would be to have him meet Ahsoka. It's been mentioned numerous times by so many people, but having those two meet would allow Ahsoka to know her former master redeemed himself in the end, and would allow Luke to know how great of a person his father truly was before Vader. A scene between Ahsoka and Luke could offer so much more than a scene between Anakin and Luke could.

    Like I said, I felt like writing a lot. Of course, these are my thoughts. I'm curious to hear everyone else's opinions (and I don't think I need to mention it, but have a civil discussion). We all interpret films in different ways, and these stories all mean different things to other people. This is just my take on the beauty of the scene Luke and Yoda share in The Last Jedi.
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  15. Interesting argument by Rian Johnson.

    First, I'll throw out there that I sincerely believe that the ST is very flawed (mainly TLJ), so I'm not really a fan of the Luke we see in TLJ (and personally don't consider the ST part of my head-canon), however I do find intriguing that Tweet you mentioned.

    What caught my interest was the idea that Luke and Vader are separate characters, and I don't see them that way. So that brings me to this video/poll which asked: Do you think if Vader and Anakin one and the same, or two different characters?

    • Yes, Absolutely: 18%
    • Yes, basically the same but some gray area 21%
    • No, they are unquestionably different 8%
    • No, basically different but some gray area 44%
    • Other: 9%
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnB1dRXPlSk Really recommend the watch if you've got time!

    Although, yes Luke knew Anakin mostly as "Vader," I think the rare interactions as a father and son are much more impactful to Luke, rather than the interactions between Luke and his enemy, or the interactions that can be seen solely as a Jedi vs. a Sith.

    I'd say, that although Luke and Anakin met for a really short time, They had the most memorable moments in the OT. After all, Luke gave his father the greatest gift he could ever give to him: a Path to the Light

    I mean, Luke wouldn't have cried out (that much) and decided to rather die than to join Vader, if Vader was not his father, and was just plainly a bad guy.

    Luke being able to reach to Anakin's light side, past Vader's intense hatred was a miracle solely possibly by the trust he had in his father (Anakin) that he was good and could overcome the Vader inside him. When we reach (the end) RotJ, the selfishness of the Sith, Vader, where he sees Luke merely as a tool is completely gone. Anakin at that moment is back at his fullest and offers the ultimate sacrifice. He acted from selfless, fatherly love in order to protect his son.

    Now, returning to the quote: although I do agree with you that in that specific moment Yoda, the wise Jedi Master made more sense to appear, I believe it was a great flaw and severe missed opportunity to not showcase the relationship that Luke and Anakin had post-mortum. At the end of RotJ, Anakin's and Luke's relationship can be seen as concluded, however it could be expected that in a sequel trilogy their relationship is developed even more.

    (Although I know many people's situation growing up is different) When you turn 18, and leave your dad's home your relationship with your dad does not end. He will occasionally give you advice 5, 10 30 years later, and that advice will always be welcomed. Anakin learned a lot from the many failures he had, and I bet he could teach a thing or two to Luke about failure.

    Here I'll give my opinion on specific statements in your text. Its not meant to be seen as an attack, but they will probably, more often than not, be the opposite of yours

    I think as a Star Wars fan it would've been nice to see Luke talk with Anakin's ghost // I think it was expected, even required to plan for this reunion when Disney was creating the sequels.

    I believe Rian has a fantastic understanding of the Star Wars universe. // I sincerely disagree, and I think the movies that I have seen of him have not been the greatest.

    What would Anakin tell Luke though? He's had no experience being a father. // Welp I imagine most fathers don't know how to be a father when they become fathers. :p
    Well, yes Anakin didn't grew up with a fatherly figure in the early years, but many people go through that and still become great fathers.

    Closure between Luke and Anakin via Ahsoka. // Although I don't see why Anakin couldn't Force Ghost his way into talking to Luke personally, this would be a great option... and maybe we can hope we get to see it in the Mandalorian (or other spin off series created during the time period of this show)

    Although I really dislike this movie, I believe this was one of the few places where I genuinely smiled. So there is definitely some sort of beauty present in this scene.
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  16. I really liked the Clone Wars. Just really enjoyed everything about that part of star wars. First introduction to it was of course Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. But then the 2 Clone Wars television shows they released after that were both really good and quickly became my all time favorites over any of the movies. Was glad when they released one final season for Star Wars: The Clones Wars.

    It turned out to be very good. Though there were a few episodes I didn't like. Mainly the ones involving Ahsoka helping out those two sisters she runs into on Coruscant. Only because having that whole thing take more than one episode seemed very unnecessary to me. As I feel it was something that could have been done and over with in just one episode.
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  17. It was awesome to read you take on it! Even though I disagree, I can totally understand where you're coming from. Cinema is a truly wonderous thing, and Star Wars offers so much to discuss.

    I should probably clarify, when I separated Vader from Anakin I wasn't intending to separate them as two distinct individuals. I think Anakin becoming Darth Vader and returning to the light is all part of one individual's over-arching character development. The way I was separating them was more in a storytelling perspective. Vader's intentions, motives, and methods were all different from Anakin's. Also, looking at the external, the voice, personality, and physical expressions portrayed by the actors were distinct from each other (even as far as TCL Anakin vs ROTS Anakin). Most of this is due to the original trilogy being planned and released before the prequels were done. So, yeah, just for clarification that's what I meant (and what I imagine Rian Johnson meant)

    I think Anakin would've worked quite well in the sequels had they set that up in The Force Awakens. Or, if Rian Johnson had cut the whole Canto Bight subplot and dedicated that time to Luke, Rey, and their time on Ahch-To. It would've been interesting if one of Luke's goals in his Ahch-To seclusion was to establish a connection with his father. Unfortunately, it just wasn't set up that way
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  18. Yeah I didn't think you were actually separating them, but I also know many people have different views on that subject of where does Anakin meet Vader and vice versa.

    I recommend watching the video I recommended above about that poll because it discusses the various comments/arguments that different people take on that topic :)

    Personally, my answer to that poll fluctuates as time passes on. I believe when I first answered it I selected "No, basically different but some gray area" while now I I think I would choose they basically the same, leaning to unquestionably the same.
  19. No words for todays episode, simply awesome and a nice transition showing where the star wars diney+ “cinematic universe” is heading! Gonna write up a spoiler review later this weekend!
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  20. Well, that was certainly an eventful episode. The moment I saw the text "The Tragedy" pop up on my screen, I went "I have a bad feeling about this." Then it was just all downhill for poor Din Djarin and Grogu. All that said, to me this episode was the weakest of the season so far. Sure, it's packed with cool moments, but otherwise it feels thin.

    The episode starts with a touching moment as Din has a heartfelt conversation with Grogu about what might happen on Tython, and that his mission was merely to return him to his people. This is one of the more substantive moments that I think elsewhere, the episode lacks. While it's not a major issue, I found Tython to be quite underwhelming. Looking into the planet before the episode dropped, I was under the impression that it was a deep core planet that was quite dangerous to travel to, and that it was also the origin planet of the Jedi. So, when they arrived and it was just a hilly area with one Stonehenge-esque spot on a hill (and no other structures or signs of history in sight), it seemed like a big missed opportunity. Din said something along the lines of "does this look Jedi to you?" That leads me to believe the production team were aware of how lackluster the planet was. I also find it hard to believe it was a budget issue, but I'll get back to why later.

    The Slave I shows up and I knew there was going to be a showdown. As Boba and Din have their stand-off, a bunch of stormtroopers enter the battle. This leads to some crazy epic moments, such as Boba shattering the stormtrooper helmets, and (obviously) Boba's grand entrance back in the armour. I was never huge on Boba before, but this episode did a good job of showing how bada** he is.

    This episode was essentially a giant action sequence from start to finish. With the Boba stand-off being interrupted by a stormtrooper arrival, to stormtrooper reinforcements, and finally to the entrance of the Dark Troopers. That said, it really hurts to say that I felt the action was poorly executed. As mentioned before, there are cool moments like Boba shattering the helmets and Boba's grand entrance back in the armour, but that's about it. The camera felt extremely handheld at times, almost giving a fan-made feel to the scenes. The stormtroopers were oh so dumb (i.e. the dude that just shot at the boulder instead of moving two centimeters to get out of the way). The protection Mando's beskar armour offers felt so lazily handled (look at how he takes shots in Chapter 11 vs this episode). The environment is boring. To top it all off, the stormtroopers proved useless, and the Dark Troopers did all the work, bringing up the question of why they were sent into battle in the first place?

    It's not like the Empire is in control of the galaxy anymore. This is an Imperial remnant with far less resources as they would've had before as a controlling government. I highly doubt they'd be able to (or want to) waste troopers. If Gideon wanted to stall or prevent Din from leaving, he could've opened by bombarding the Razor Crest and the Slave I. Why he waited for the troopers to leave is beyond me. This episode also showed us that Boba had the Slave I and was fully capable of fighting armoured stormtroopers without his armour... so why didn't he just walk in and take it from The Marshal if he was that attached to it. Instead, he just waited on a mountain and stared down at Mos Pelgo until an even more armoured and capable person came in and took it off-planet?

    The point is, the action was poorly done and in the end felt unnecessary in an overall short episode. Boba Fett was cool to see, but by showing how capable he was (and that he had a sidekick) just raised questions about his lack of initiative on Tatooine. Why I don't feel like this is a budget issue is due to how strong the other episodes have been. Take Chapter 10 for example, which is largely a filler episode. That episode's production was brilliant. A fascinating environment, otherworldly creatures, and well executed tension. Take Chapter 11 for example, which was also action packed and brilliantly directed. Or even Chapter 13, which offered one of the coolest environments we've seen on the show so far. The opening scene with Ahsoka hiding in the fog and picking the troops off one by one like a predator in a jungle was better than any single moment of action in this episode. The Mandalorian has set a precedent for production effort with their previous chapters. In what is arguably the most important episode of the season so far, and a major turning point in the story, it's weird that this episode felt so low effort.

    I'll end this review off on a positive note since I went in on the episode hard. There's a subtle sign of sympathy you can see with Boba Fett after Grogu is taken. Titled The Tragedy, it presents a connection between Boba and Din. When Jango died, Boba must've felt like he had lost everything. He knows what it's like to lose his father. Din, who is a father figure to Grogu, also expresses loss when Grogu is taken. It's clear he sees himself as the guardian for Grogu. Even though it was never explicitly brought up, I really like how those two events tie Boba and Din together. It made me understand why he'd be willing to help Din rescue Grogu. This episode wasn't terrible, just underwhelming. If I had to give it a number, I'd say a 7/10 is the highest I could go. I'm excited to see what happens next though.
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