Standing with Standing Rock

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Do You Stand with Standing Rock?

Yes 124 vote(s) 79.5%
No 32 vote(s) 20.5%
  1. Im sorry but really? But c'mon, This is a video games website, why are you posting this kind of stuff on here?
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  2. How is it any less important then talking about politics or your favourite songs? Both of which have nothing to do with games. It's important to some people and you talk about it with others. That's what a normal community does.
  3. No, this is not a video game site. This is a community of people who play a video game together :)

    A community who can share discussion on important topics together.

    This is an off topic forum at that too.
  4. All the government cares about is one thing MONEY MONEY MONEY! Make America great again... Damn you Donald Trump and Pipeline supporters. States that didn't go blue shame on you. BUT REMEMBER Canadians don't want Americans in Canada you guys did this to yourself :D Have a fun 4 years :D
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  5. Well this is awkward when you are related to people with ETP shares and you see this. They do say pipes are way safer at transporting oil than by rail. Where you can put the pipes is an issue.
  6. I don't understand why a pipeline is important enough to upset thousands, if not millions, of people. At some point people will become concerned about what all of this is doing to our environment. Unfortunately, when they do, it will probably be too late.
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  7. Yes they are safer, but the DAPL issue is mainly the fact they recognized the "Water Risk" and moved it so if it does happen, it doesnt affect bismarck and affects natives mostly instead.

    I believe that the pipelines should have strict limits on how much water it can cross (note: the new route goes under a much wider part of the river than the orig route, as well as more water sources overall)

    and then also require additional special building around water sources such as say an outer double layer, with leak detection sensors in the outer pipe that can auto shut the oil off.

    They need to spend more to make the high risk areas around water safer, and spend more to route the pipeline through longer distances around every water source it can, and avoid every special landmark possible (they chose to ignore sacred burial grounds and bull doze them anyways just to save money on the route)

    If they did all that, I would not oppose the pipeline itself, but beyond the pipeline, the crimes against humanity in this situation marks a dark point in american society.

    The police in Morton County ND and those assisting no longer protect and serve the citizens.
  8. This is awesome! Empire Minecraft just got cooler!
  9. because when the earth is destroyed sadly enough no gaming will help you breath clean air, eat or drink clean water duh. This is an important matter and this is an off topic forum.
  10. As I've stated before .. I stand with Standing Rock however I can and I stand on the side of love which is what they are doing.

    I will NOT be the frog being normalized to this crap slowly as they keep turning the heat up.
    Thank you Aikar for being brave enough to stand up with the Protectors .. the protesters are the ones doing all the bad things to the peaceful people. Protesters = The Corporations & those that would treat others so shamefully and lie about it.. twisting the truth so the sheep will follow blindly & deaf to reality.
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  11. I bring troubling news, Prolific the Rapper, who created this video I've linked before:

    Is being charged with phony felony and misdemeanor charges, for simply flying a drone recording the police's abuse.
    Learn more and donate to his Legal Defense Fund (I did so last night!)

    He posted this sad update last night

    Here are details from the fundraiser page:

  12. You sign a contract with the government they'll hold you to it. A treaty signed in 1784 is a contract U.S. is breaching.
    The land belongs to the Native American not the U.S.
  13. Not trying to turn this into a political debate; but I think becoming Russia's puppet makes you way more screwed than having Hillary as your President. :)
  14. no derailing with us presidential politics.
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  15. Yes there is less chance of a spill from a pipeline than a rail car. But I assume you also understand it is much more about the amount that is spilled. Right? So I don't really understand why it was necessary for you to point that out. The Dakota Access pipeline goes directly over the Ogallala aquifer. The Ogallala aquifer provides clean water to millions of people. If the pipeline spills it will contaminate the aquifer and the water. Then what will all these people do for clean water? They can't just up and move away like the millionaires that will benefit from the construction of the pipeline can do. I'm guessing you or your people don't live in this area.
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  16. bumping cause this has not gone away.. the threat here is very real.
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  17. Thank you! can anyone living in america shed some light to the current situation?
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  19. Obama shelved the Keystone XL pipeline but considering the election get ready for it to be built and to run into more of the same problems we are dealing with the Dakota Access. Not to mention taxpayers will be subsidizing the construction of the pipeline. All these pipelines are to transport oil to the coast from the north to be refined. When refined on the southern coast at refineries in the gulf it can then be shipped to other countries for sale. I just read an article that the biggest winner from these pipelines will be China because it will increase the supply on the open market and they are a big user. At the same time since the oil won't be refined in the northern US for sale within the US it will increase the cost of gas within this country. They say it will create jobs. Yes it will, short term construction of the pipeline jobs. Building roads and bridges would also create jobs but you don't hear politicians pushing for that. And then of course there is the ecological aspect. Once the aquifer is contaminated it is over. The water will be unusable. A huge portion of the population of the country will have to be relocated and water as a whole will have to be rationed. There will be scarcities of food across the country. And all this just to make some oil companies richer than they already are. It's very saddening. Here are some facts on the Ogallala aquifer.
    • The Ogallala is the nation’s largest aquifer.
    • It is part of a slightly larger aquifer system known as the High Plains Aquifer.
    • It underlies parts of 8 Great Plains states, or 174,000 square miles.
    • It is the sole source of water in most of the western plains region.
    • The Ogallala waters 30% of U.S. irrigated crops.
  20. North Dakota is one of the most geologically stable places in all of North America. The chance of a tremor of sufficient magnitude to rupture the proposed pipeline is virtually zero. In fact, they are so uncommon in that region that's list of "recent" events goes back almost 30 years with the largest recorded checking in at only 4.2 on the Richter scale with its epicenter about 200 miles away from the Standing Rock reservation. For comparison, California's recent event list goes back only a few hours.

    There is also the matter of the existing Northern Border Pipeline which transports as much as 2 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. It was built in 1983 and crosses Lake Oahe on the Missouri River near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. That is on the northern tip of Standing Rock reservation. If construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is an unwarranted danger then why are there not also coincident protests calling for the removal of the Northern Border Pipeline that was constructed with older technology and which runs through pretty much the exact same location?

    To be very clear, I'm all for people standing up for their property rights and protecting their cultural heritage. To me, that's the best platform which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has to make their case. But at the same time, much of the evidence of supposed environmental threat I find to be very thin and exaggerated which hurts their cause. Furthermore, the US Army Corps of Engineers did not cite any environmental justifications when it denied an access easement for the pipeline across the Missouri River.
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