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  1. I brought up this topic today because me and my friends have noticed over 900 days of playing on empire that smp3 is sort of a lonely smp. What makes it this way you might ask? Well for starters we have no EMC hosted events. (Not Including /v funtimes which has never opened according to my knowledge). Also /fun is extremely old and has not been touched in almost years, The parkour isn't even done. Also the only moderator that is regularly seen on smp3 is AlexChance. So I've seen in some cases lots of verbal abuse go untouched. And ik if i report it a mod will come on and deal with it but if there were mods on smp3 regularly mods won't have to go off of what witnesses say. Which in some major griefs and theft cases would be the difference between a banning and not banning. Also 90% of people that are on from different servers are just here for our gold farm and wild bases.... Ik this sounds like me just rambling and whining but. All I want is change for smp3 so it becomes more alive and happy place for the community for generations of EMC to come.
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  2. I think we need more staff on smp3. Not for company, but because of the fact that SMP3 chat is a lot of the time out of control. I hear caps and spam constantly. Bickering and harassment are also present. Reports are sent in, but you see the people the next day doing the same thing.
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  3. For problems brought up in chat, mods can look at the chat logs and deal with whatever happened. With griefing, mods can look at the block/item IDs of whatever was broken/stolen/messed up to see who is responsible and ban them as necessary. Witnesses are needed for the initial reports of such events every time. Just because a staff member is or isn't on the server doesn't make it any faster for a problem to be dealt with.
    I do however agree that smp3 is a bit lonely...
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  4. But troop53no still if i break blocks does and a griefer breaks blocks we look the same to them. I might be upgrading someones house and he might be griefing. When u can see someone do it its much different
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  5. Wait we have an smp3? jk
  6. chickeneer some people actually think that way...... its Scary
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  7. I think SMP3 is more active now than it has been for the past bit.
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  8. You may be right. The last time I visited smp3 may have been for an outpost that didn't even exist in 2014.
  9. Trust me its still quite really quite. And even though it is more active nobody talks. And the only reason people form other servers come is for either the gold farm or wild bases....
  10. When they look at item IDs, it shows them who placed/removed a block. When you report griefing they ask who was allowed to be there. Any names you give will not be banned. Any other names will become suspects, and if it's clear that a certain person or group of people whose names appeared on the block IDs are responsible, they will be banned (or whatever punishment is decided upon)
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  11. True but its for other bans like chat spam and abuse. Also the big thing about this hole topic is change for smp3 not about how to get banned if mods aren't on. (Change meaning more mods, more EMC Events = Happier people!)
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  12. SMP3 will always be my favorite.
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  13. smp3 is probably going to have more people then any other smp would so think about that
  14. Since SMP3 has so few people, it doesn't make sense to have mods on often. I also fail to see how there can be theft and griefing at comparable rates to the other servers if there aren't many players on.

    You can't artificially create an influx of players on SMP3 from events and such and expect them to stay. The reason SMP3 has so few players is because it has a reputation of being quiet, slow, and town is rather dumpy.
  15. SMP3 has a lot of newer players. I think thats enough to have at least one mod on.
  16. I understand your grievances about Smp3 and will try to figure out events to occur here.
    I tried with /funtimes but it didnt work because we cannot do pvp spleef in town since people just spawn back where they were. My brainstorm engine is firing though. =)

    In the meantime, it is up to the community of smp3 to interact with each other. More friendly interaction will bring more people, better shops, and more events to the server. I was on smp3 earlier and it was actually more active than smp8, for example (and smp8 was just host to the Empire Games). It takes the community to change the community.
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  17. Smp3's problem is very often jk it has more players then a lot of smp's but the problem is majority of smp3's players are new players therefore the need for mods are even bigger than servers that have lots of experienced players.
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  18. I know you said its up to the community, but arent staff part of the community too? Yes they are busy doing what they need to do, but it would be nice to see some staff interacting with them/us.
    (Not trying to start some fire-frilled debate here, just my opinion)
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  19. I never said that they weren't. Staff does interact, but you must also realize that normally their interaction is cut short because they have to go help someone. Just today I was on smp3 helping out someone and interacting, then I got pulled to smp5, then smp9 and so on.
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  20. Any player of any SMP can be actively participating in the town chat and answering their questions. By being active in town chat and helping the players, you can do just the same that any moderator can. It doesn't need to be a staff member teaching them, just someone with the knowledge to do so.
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