Sooo...School's closed.

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  1. D'aaawww...Camera didn't catch the thick snow falling from the sky :(

    I've had snow nearly as bad as this for 3 months, btw...
  2. That little amount of snow and the school closes?
    Wish i lived in the UK...
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  3. The snow is 2 foot deep on the field right outside my house, and the road was being gritted most of last night. Then they gave up and just let it snow.
  4. So lucky D:
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  5. 60 cm's worth of snow? Aren't you a bit exaggerating here?
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  6. Some weeks ago at Pärnu, i say 80% pedestrian roads were all icy and i had a long walk with those roads. Now its not that icy.
    And i haz school spring break.
  7. Skype would be a good start. :p
  8. Also off today :D Nice to break up a day early. All the high schools in my county are closed :p I will post a pic later!
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  9. Well you come onto skype too then :p
  10. Here is my back garden covered in snow :p

    83 out of 89 schools in my county were closed, and the website went down (it still is now!)
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  11. It's funny because my school's website is down now :p
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  12. I don't have snow... I do have a field trip though.
  13. Pay minecraft non stop
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  15. It's.... Sixty degrees in Austin. >.>
  16. Meh, here where I live, we could get 5 feet of snow everywhere, just shovel the streets, still school.
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  17. I have no school to cancel... but the most snow I got in 2012 was 1/3 cm in december.

    You'd think it would snow more in Oregon. It does, just not where I live.
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  18. Those pictures are nothing.. go to Canada where I live.. like 30 CM of snow poured down on my street today.