Songs that you can relate to!

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  1. I decided to make a thread where you can share songs - this time with a theme. It has to be a song (or songs) that relate to your current situation in life. It's 11PM, I'm tired because I only got 3 hours of sleep and I've had a college interview and an exam today, so apologies if this is a stupid idea :p

    I guess I'll start us off then.

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  2. bump even tho nobody actually cares sleep drunk me
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  3. Hm... that's a tough one, I'm not sure if I'd be able to do this really well :p
    I guess I'll try sometime, but at the moment I'm not at a pc and my situation isn't very interesting.
  4. Everyone's situations are interesting.

    Just over a month ago I was like, the happiest I've ever been (talking to a person every day up until all hours that I liked who didn't constantly make me feel like crap or scared for their personal safety). Now I'm totally stressed out, I get 3 hours of sleep a night for some reason, my 'side pains' I haven't had since I was 13 have made a small return, and I'm probably the saddest I've been since then too. It's going to get better, I know it is, which is kind of why I made this thread I think. Compare what songs I was listening too now-ish and compare it to what I'll be listening to a month or two down the line. Might be useful for other people to view this like that too.
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  5. Dude, compare these posts to the ones from 2012. You as a person improved in a lot of things! That means that even though things may be very tough again now, you'll be able to handle them better.
    But now I need to go to bed, this deep thinking is keeping me out of sleep :p
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  6. Those things are actual cringe :p
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  7. Another problem I seem to be having is I hardly know any songs with lyrics :p
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  8. Found one that kind of relates to me right now. Stark contrast between this and the ones above lol. The Wombats are also from the same city as me (and The Beatles :p), so yay for extra relatable-ness to me :p

  9. ( My mother didn't die, a close family member died of what's mentioned in song ).
  10. :rolleyes:

    I can't find this song on a working YouTube link, so here's a Spotify link:

  11. You were the edgiest person I had ever met at that point, ahah

    This sounds fun though, let me go on my edgy playlist and find something :p


    also soul that yt link works fine
    i'm stupid
  12. I am not proud of being that edgy lol.


    I was talking about this. Dunno if the block is region-specific, so I'll just drop it below.

    And yay migraine
  13. Pretend I said nothing, I'm blind xD