Some Pirate Booty *Auction*

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by pigtron2000, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. We Will Be Auctioning 4 DC Of Gold Swords
    There Is Also Some Enchanted Ones 2
    Starting Bid At 3k
    Minum Bid Increment 1k
    Ends At 48 hr After Last VAlid Bid
    Plz /pay me the amount u bidded
    Then i will be on 3 through 6
    on the final day of the auction
    Happy Bidding!
    P.S Smp4
  2. You need to list all enchants on swords. You can report the thread to have them listed or have this closed and create a new auction.
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  3. All Enchants Are .... * Fire 1 * * knock 1 unbreak 2 * * knock 1* * fire 1* *bane 2 * * knock 1 unbreak 2 * There...
  4. ps this auction will end sept 1 at 1pm
  5. i will win
  6. Har har....! My Captain won't permit that. Pirate booty is all ours... and I already won this auction weeks ago :)

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  7. Once a bid has been placed, no terms of the auction can be modified. As such, the auction will conclude 48 hours after the last valid bid. As of right now that, will occur on Friday, September 2 at 10:57 AM EMC time if Raaynn's bid is not beat.

    Also, can you confirm the number of enchanted gold swords within the auction as well as whether all items have full durability? While enchanted gold swords can be auctioned in any quantity, gold swords (and all other vanilla items) can only be auctioned in DC ratios. If there is not a DC of enchanted gold swords this auction could potentially be ruled invalid because the number of gold swords will no longer be in DC ratios.
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  8. The Pirate booty that was won was mine and not that of this cabin boy.
  9. ok sorry i will take the enchant swords out sorry but can i technicly add them as a winners gift?
  10. umm that pirate booty is not from u !
  11. You are not allowed to add anything extra as a "prize" for the winner.
  12. Auction Has Been Taken Down :[ I Have Not Read The Rules About Full Durability Sorry :[
  13. Arrr.

  14. Couple things to note.

    1) You're not able to withdraw an auction once it is started and a bid has been placed. However, since you admitted that some of the tools are not at full durability, it would be violating auction rules to allow the auction to continue in light of that. As a result, I'm ruling this auction invalid at this time on those grounds.
    2) Please take care to reference our auction rules at, particularly in the areas of setting up the auction, what items can and can't be used (as well as the quantities), and managing the thread once the auction begins. Note especially the minimum period between bumps in an auction.

    Once you have read and understood the rules, you are welcomed to post another auction. If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact me via PM on the forums to get questions and concerns clarified.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.