So who's the new pope? (With a prize!)

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  1. I'm not usually one for religion (in fact I'm Jewish), but I'm waiting with bated breath for the new pope to appear. Who do you think it'll be?

    1000r to each of the first 3 people to get it right!

    one guess each please :)
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  2. It'll be IcecreamCow
  3. Ins't it an entirely secretive process where not even the candidates are known?
  4. Correct as far as I know, but the pope is almost always picked from the most likely contenders, of whom there are only a certain number (including one from my home state!)
  5. Francis Cardinal Arinze
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  6. Didn't release the name yet :p
  7. It would be hard to guess, if we already knew the answer. :p
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  8. benedict the 16 or benedict XVI
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  9. I think Aikar.
    He will ruin the economy :p
  10. The previous (now retired) pope was Pope Benedict XVI. Does that mean you think he will come out of retirement?
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  11. No that is what the article said, he has been elected
    edit: Oops my bad hehe
    Edit: Jabr May i change my guess i was mistaken
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  12. Its what Google says. :eek:

    EDIT: Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Is what I got.
  13. ...The pope has no control over the economy...

    I would like it if they just didn't get a new pope. It could stop so many problems...
  14. It's a joke...
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  15. I think it will be Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
  16. Correction:
    It's a dead horse beater...
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  17. Lost:
    Soul's Sense of Humor. If found please return to owner.
  18. I will just say that the new pope is of Argentina(is the end of the world D:)
  19. I just happened to be watching a video on Youtube when I stumbled across this thread, and this was at the top of the page. (I'm assuming this is what you're asking about.) Youtube.JPG
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