So Guys I need Help with my Hubby!

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  1. I've just finished knocking up some caramel shortbread. I've doubled the quantity of ingredients. The things are like brick slabs. I'll chuck some pics up tomorrow, it's delicious!
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  2. ... hayley UR KILLING ME!!!
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  3. That sounds delicious! Caramel, and shortbread.. together. NOM.
  4. My dad is the same as soon as you finish one meal he is talking about the next :)
  5. Most men like simple stuff, maybe going to like Five Guys or making ham sandwiches just shows you care. :)
  6. Hayley when you hit up LA I need to try some of this food :D
  7. secretazneks hahah LA
  8. Deal! By the way.. digging the sig Secret ;)
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  9. Ok......
    If you're that good at cookie you should make a Bakery Van, just drive across the country and sell baked goods then stock up and drive back again, make millions!
  10. omg his sig is hilarious wow :))))))
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  11. I would actually love this.
  12. hayley u should only if its bomb
  13. My friend Pedr o Can supply the brown van.
  14. hahah or a white one
  15. Lol, the first part of my sig arose yesterday on smp8...
    I be sleeping and minding my own business in my newly purchased bubble at 16007, when along comes JustinGuy checking out the res. He got in the bed next to me, and a few seconds later said "hey secret now you can say you selpt with justin" so I did. :p
  16. I would too :D I would be first in line.
  17. I made a hotdog :)
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  18. *Music* Always trust the man, in the big white van! *Music ends*

    Hey tclementi1, I lost my puppy, can you help me look for it? :p
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  19. Ive got some recipes
    • Buttermilk cheese biscuits
    • Bisquik biscuits with apricot pineapple preserves
    Omelots with cheese and bacon bit
    I can PM the directions, just ask!
  20. I am the ice cream man
    running over kids with my big white van
    if they try to run
    ill get out Old Bessie and have some fun.