So Guys I need Help with my Hubby!

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  1. What do guys like besides pizza?
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  2. NO... COMMENT,.....
  3. Being together...
  4. Burgers, steak
  5. Food wise? Lasagne comes to mind :p Or any kind of yummy pasta really.. Spaghetti and meatballs.. Satay chicken with salad (in a wrap or just in a bowl).. Butter chicken on rice.. mince on toast haha.. Beef teryaki stirfry with lots of veges :) I could keep going if you wanted :p
  6. No I'm sure that is what I find enjoyable. I send my man to the kitchen to make me them all the time.
  7. Hayley sounds like u make some dang good food wamma come over to my kitchen
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  8. Hhahhahahhhah nice
  9. alaskan king crab with melted garlic butter.NUM NUM NUM
  10. Hahahh num num num
  11. We can have a dinner party :D and I'll make some dessert too.. apricot cheesecake, chocolate chip biscuits.. boysenberry mousse with marshmallows in it.. the choices are endless.
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  12. Stop Making us HUNGRY
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  13. Have kilman cook the food! (read the post he did on the seperste emc payments justin did to get the joke)
  14. Stop seducing everyone on the forums with those tasty sounding foods.
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  15. Food wise, for me, it is MEAT all the way.
    Steak (beef or wild game) cooked medium
    Chicken (BBQ, Buffalo style, Lemon, Lemon Peppered, you name it)
    Pork Chops
    Burgers - mix your burger half & half with sausage or put some powdered onion soup in the ground burger, mix and grill.

    Also, my wife makes an outstanding stir fry - a little oil in a pan, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms & kielbasa...YUM. One of my favorite dishes ever
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  16. Oh hells yeahhh I'm buying u a first class ticket to upland tomm or ill fly over there and pick u up myself
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  17. Sorry.. I'll stop talking about cob loaf with a cheesy sauce filling, or my home-made meatballs.. or pumpkin soup.. or mini banana choc chip muffins.. or devilled sausages on rice.. or bacon bread rolls..

  18. Free holiday sounds good to me!
  19. It will get to the point where something like this will happen.
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