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  1. Well, not an official snowday, I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus, when my mom called me and said "Mrlegitislegit, its too cold out, I don't want you going to school today." So here I am, at home, and wanting suggestions from you guys on what to do with my time, because I have no idea myself.
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  2. waste your life on facebook, or minecraft, or blindly looking through the forums... or playing games on your phone.
    yay! people with no social life!
  3. How cold was it?
  4. Pretty much diz :3
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  5. i suggest the app game, hay day.. as i am enjoying filling orders xD
  6. I have school off today, break ends tomorrow.
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  7. I play dat I'm about level 38! :D
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  8. Your mother calls you mrlegitislegit?
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  9. Well, it was 30 C yesterday in Melbourne.
  10. Meanwhile in Florida...
  11. Well I'm going skiing this summer/Christmas in Austria.
  12. I'm home sick. :(
  13. Yup
  14. I drove home after two hours, I was way too exhausted. What I did? Watch some vids, learned some home work, tried to hack a bit, that kind of things.
  15. Lol, it sounds so fun
  16. /summon momentus 1000000
  17. You can.. drive?!?!?!?
    Wussiessssssssss :p
  18. *waits patiently till January/February for all the snow drama and hopefully one or two days off :p*
  19. Lol...
    If it snows where I live, we don't OWN winter clothing because it's fairly moderate. :3
  20. *knows in Texas we aren't getting snow...*
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