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  1. That's kinda what I was thinking. Is there any easier way to fill solid/still water into a large area, aside from digging it out after one layer of water is in?
  2. As long as I don't mess up the times like I did last time, I'll be there :p

    Also, I'm thinking of doing a bit of a (major) expansion to the current railway station in the west LLO so that we can add a few more lines to it and basically make it the central station for the west.
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  3. meeting on 5pm cst?
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  4. Hi, I would like to build a fancy glass half-dome shaped garden type thing at LLO.
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  5. Feel free to build it to LLO!

    Day 12
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  6. *Cough*
    Aren't you suppose to give me cords or something? XD
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  7. Question.
    What happened to my yacht/nightclub? I've been looking all over for it but it seems to have disappeared.
  8. Any idea as to where it might have been or what was close to it? I don't remember that build.
  9. If you would like I will meet up and show u space to build
  10. It was west(?) of the jungle, right on the coast.
  11. Someone already PM'd me directions.
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  12. :p

    My bad. >_>
    Fixing..EDIT: Should be fixed and updated for 3/7/15

    Was it near town hall? Ender-something night club? Because I know that was taken down after some severe griefing done to it..
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  13. If my memory serves me right it happened year and half ago and it was F/S and lava that did it in. Kinda like what happened to Zulu's beach house damaged beyond repairs.
  14. >_> That was before I joined, my bad, my bad. And I didn't know you were in LLO until you asked for directions a few weeks ago!
    Precisely what I was thinking.
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  15. Alright folks, meeting beginning very soon. Hurry on, grab your gear and we're moving out! Today we'll be visiting Mrlegitislegit out beyond the wall. Long trip, but we'll be heading from wintermoon, reducing the distance by about half, give or take coords.

    Meet at town hall.
  16. You still active?
  17. Meeting recap:
    We visited Legit's base, Summer Springs. Quite a nice place. Would recommend.
    Issues that need to be addressed that came up during the meeting:
    Wrem Trade-We're currently negotiating a deal with Wrem to do some form of trading. Not sure what we want yet, but Wrem is seeking wood and sandstone.What do we want? Also this is beneficial because it could get our name out. Legit and I both agree that we should be reaching out to other outposts. Legit has contacted PoC as well.

    Griefed buildings: We really need to address this. It's been 2 years since the grieifng that left most of central LLO destroyed. How should we assess them? Should we repair or tear?

    Expansion: Chicken Shores and Summer Springs will both be getting their own thread, which will redirect back to here to increase growth. I think more people will join a "newer" outpost rather than read through 672 pages. :p

    Internal Affairs: The park, pt. 2 will begin soon. We need a rail from Wintermoon to Summer Springs.

    That's about it.

    Shout-out to Bilbo who died 4-5 times at the same place from the same thing. Good job, man.
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