[SMP7] Ice Boat Racing - 14143

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    Easy to find, either by /v 14142 or /town and walk south until you find it. Although if you do it that way, you can't enter it due to it being enclosed. So, just /v 14143.

    Easy to use boats...

    X design, clean ice / fast boat experience.
    Probably no more features to be announced

    Designed/built by StoneSky
    Initial roof design with help from naturally generated sky
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  2. Love it.... Ha ha :)
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  3. Bump. Add the ol' razzle dazzle.
  4. What is this for?
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  5. Boat Races?
  6. Exactly
    In 1.9, boats travel insanely fast on ice, making them a good method of transportation on ice. They are basically cars that can drift on ice.
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  7. Oh cool. Have yet to play 1.9 so I was not aware. Thanks :)
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  8. Ice Boat Rails ftw

    And this looks awesome StoneSky :)
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  9. Yeah a game thats not maze or parkour on SMP7! Whoot! SMP7 for the win!
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  10. Love the roof!
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  11. Thanks!
    *hides ice boat parkour/maze*
  12. Wow im stupid. I forgot to mention the game i made in addition to the parkour/maze
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  13. Ooooh, this will be fun!
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  14. This is now open. I have some boats :D
  15. Thread name changed as requested.