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  1. Hey, y'all!

    So now that EMC is updating to 1.9, and the anti-griefing update is coming up soon, I have decided to at least start to come back from hiatus. I went ahead and purchased a Diamond voucher since I can't use the subscription option, and I'm starting to claim new residences.

    So, what I'm wondering is, do some SMPs have more of a focus on certain activities than others? For example, do certain SMPs focus more on economy? On monster-hunting? On building? etc.

    Just curious before I go and start claiming residences on the wrong SMPs.

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  2. SMP8 rules all.
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  3. I feel like back in the day each smp was more unique but as people began to move around and spend more time on other smps most of the unique characteristics kinda just all came together and now we just have a pretty similar style on every server.

    Smp1&2 used to be the huge buildings, malls and super busy all the time, but now players are spread out amongst the servers so it's pretty even on every one.

    Smp3&4&6 used to be pretty much non-existent for the most part besides some public farms on smp3&4 and a lot of people used smp6 for their afk farms / wild outposts.

    smp5&7 were always like high school cafeterias for me with "player cliques" and really good groups of close friends that didn't like to branch out and only really played within their group.

    Smp8 was like 3,4&6 but with a bit more dedicated players and was one of the first servers to take off when the new player campaign took off and started booming.

    Smp9 was sort of a mix between 1&2, it was economically active with the likes of dedicated players and large malls but not as busy compared to 1&2.

    This is just me speaking from experience, so take with a grain of salt :p, but today it's not really important where you live but as long as you are active in the community. :)
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  5. Thanks for the responses!

    Interesting - Getting some differing answers here; anyone else want to chime in?
  6. All of your descriptions are pretty much spot on except smp9 IMO. smp9 is/was where the noobs ran rampant.
  7. Haha funny that as soon as I read the smp9 thing the memories came flooding back.. 100% agree
  8. This is pretty much spot on!
    The other that you described is pretty well put as well.
    Smp1 massive buildings is basically only Eclipsys awesome work :).
  9. Yeah, 8 used to be another of the "afk servers". Not many resided on 8 instead had many outposts. When Rhy decided to start our witherripper project, we chose 8 because nothing happened there.... Now everything is there and I am too far out to actually spend time in 8 lol.


    As to the question in the OP... I think 8 is your best bet to not build wild bases at... So many malls, promo shops, (/v +bulk is amazing), public farms, and many events. However, the more you play on 8- the more... uh... strange you become.
  10. Ya I live there and pretty much every other day i have to help a noob
  11. SMP9 most noted phrases include:
    "Who can halp me wit my manshen??"
    "Can I hve a job"
    "How can I join a town XDDD"
    "Who sellz horsehs"
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  12. Yup
    And the "manshen" is usualy a wood cube -.-
  13. I'm not sure about other servers, but SMP9 seems to get most of the new players now. Many of them are confused, and I agree 100% with Rob

    I also see a lot of people asking for donations, and chat gets spammed a lot. Honestly I might save up and move to SMP8 or SMP1.
  14. summary= close thread as 8 is the best!

    Well im a 8 resident and i really liked it. is a be cheerful community that likes to help each other. It has nice shops, amazing public utilities and its own thread(you'll learn soon enough). Smp8 doesnt have any used event reses(except for the olympics), for example smp6 has pvp, smp5 mob arena(or firefloor or both (dont remember).

    Every smp focuss on mob farming and going out together mining and stuff due to staff events taht are host every week(if possible)
  15. Smp5 has the fabulous lux recounting his escapades
  16. smp8 is starting to get lots of malls and a few shops that players are building.
  17. I must say smp5 still has the player cliques that Sam mentioned, I made a bunch of great friends there, but unless you try, you will not join in on some conversations. Just throw yourself out there... at least in my experience it.
  18. So I'm gathering that SMP1 and SMP8 are the best to move to, SMP5, SMP7 and SMP9 are out of the picture, but what about SMP2, SMP4 and SMP6? I haven't heard much about them yet.
  19. Well, we didn't want you anyway.
    we still love you
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  20. smp4 is the best! We have stuff.
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