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  1. SMP2 was home to some of the greatest players of EMC but now all i see is just a bunch of new people constantly joining but they usually stay because of the great community feel. We have great Shops on the server like /v +poof or 3456 ect... SMP1 had lost a great shop /v 2000 and I feel that really affected the economy on that server quite a bit but thanks to Mall 2222 and 1112 its getting back on its feet. Im from SMP2 myself and i haven't really noticed anything to make it Stand out except for the empty useless buildings that are everywhere but hey maybe you could change that?
  2. Why would you dis my personal favorite server smp7? :(
  3. I actually had a res on SMP7...It was too quiet for me :p
  4. smp6 used to be quiet and serene. now all the noobs are there
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  5. *on 9
  6. This is true, I've seen multiple new upcoming malls on SMP1. I've seen Priceyyyy's mall (Under construction) MelleTheHundred's Mall (Under Construction) and many more. Hopefully we'll see Todd back soon :).
  7. Every SMP is more or less the same activity wise since the past year 1/2 or so. Before that, it was divided up like samsimx said before.

    The way it is now, I would see which SMP you find the most friends/tolerable people on and go there :)
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  8. smp8 is where the madmen go
  9. Smp5 have our own little groups, if you participate in the chat quite a bit then consider yourself in the group :p. We all do each other favours plus we got public utilities!
  10. I'm usually online outside of rush hours, so my impression will differ from people who play when it's evening in the US.
    From what I see, SMP6 is still a bit more mature and serene, being home of a number of long-term dedicated players. It did get quieter in the last few months, but that could change again in few days.

    I've had only few and only small problems with griefing on SMP6 since more than a year - mostly silly traps around a (public) nether portal.

    SMP6 has very good, well maintained shops, and also the first (although small) functioning barter shop on EMC (12163).
  11. Come this evening it'll be my 800th day. I'm a smp5 veteran, we have quite a few pretty good shops like shavingfoam's at 11372, wassatthen's at 10498, and mine at 10225, and much more. smp5 can get busy when it's time for the mob arena, the server goes over the cap of 45. I frequently go to the mall of 6697 on smp3 to sell my mob drop loot as well. I spent quite a bit of time on smp9 recently because smp9 had a massive swamp that I had to go pull the clay out of. So if you see me on a different server than smp5 and I'm spending quite a bit of time there, chances are I'm in the wastelands raiding a swamp of its clay.

  12. No smp3? Oh yeah story of smp3's life. Pretty sure half the server doesn't know we exist :D
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