SMP 3 Nature Walk

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  1. EDIT: This Will Now Be every week and the prizes will always be the same- An enchanted diamond sword, 2k, and a special signature. Every Sunday, SMP3, 5:00 PST, Wild. EVERYONE HAS TONS OF FUN. Join Us Next Week.
    Hello there,
    Today me and chrisisaboss91 will be holding a nature walk on smp3, inspired by Maxariass' Nature Walk she held a while back. There shall be prizes for the winner and a special signature.
    Now you may be wondering what the heck is a nature walk?????
    Well it is to see who will wonder the farthest following the two leaders with only rotten flesh and wooden swords, no armor. once you die you are out. This event will be happening in 20mins around 5:00 PST No other food or potions or weapons. Meet up on SMP3 wilderness spawn rotten flesh and swrods will be provided but bring your own if you would like as we can only supple so much Hope To See you there :)
  2. Oh Ya The Prizes are enchanted swords and 2k
  3. We needs people to come play!!!
  4. Starting Soon we need more people everything will be provided!!
  5. Edit: Nevermind I can't bring anything. Be there shortly
  6. I wanna play
  7. A special thanks to TheEpic5 for taking on that enderman that was attacking us both.
  8. This Weeks winner was DaJaKoe!! Congratiolations! Hope to see more people next week!
  9. My fault I blame my self for watching youtube

    I now officially kinda hate antvenom
  10. I'll be there next week...If you put the time back by maybe 2 hours? I'm usually long asleep in my time zone for the event.
  11. I can't wait to see if they take my idea and have the death Nether walks!
  12. We will see about the time Soul but 5:00 is best beacuse at 3:00 we are usually at the beach :p
  13. dajakoe won :) the signature gave it away lol
  14. i like your signature lol
  15. I will "bump" this tread 15-30 mins before each event so more people will come see you all next week :)
  16. I take it we had a death by an Enderman, a couple lava fails... How did everybody else die?
  17. Fall damage most by lava
  18. Lol, That's funny. I hope I will be around for next week's nature walk.
  19. We made graves and took the contestants saluting LOL
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