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Is this addicting or What?

got addicted in no time 31 vote(s) 75.6%
took me some time 7 vote(s) 17.1%
not addicting at all. 9 vote(s) 22.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  2. *Cries*
  3. omg I just got 40,829 length and got greedy and ran into another worm... that's my best game so far now

  4. I got another game a few days ago, a mobile game from Nitrome, that's addicting to me. I'll delete it today. I simply don't want to play games that are addicting to me.
  5. here's a screenshot of me breaking 50k for the first time

    my final score:

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  6. Tried this. Many feels of rage produced :D
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  7. My strategy is this... I start in the middle and try to get up around 6-7k. Once I get to that level I head to the edge where I wander around and pick off smaller worms. It's a long game but I usually end up over 20k rather quickly.
  8. I think im addicted to now ;)
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  9. its fun but also tends to get a tad laggy, which sometimes makes it less fun when there are several others around.
  10. When I first started playing I don't think this was nearly as popular, now all the servers are just filled with lag -_-
  11. yep agreed, the lag has gotten really bad lately.
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