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Is this addicting or What?

got addicted in no time 31 vote(s) 75.6%
took me some time 7 vote(s) 17.1%
not addicting at all. 9 vote(s) 22.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I love but HATE this game. Like I get to going so good and bam someone kills me ON PURPOSE! I get so angry usually I curse lol! The highest I got was like #4. Then some buttface came along with his super small snake and ran into me :(
    I was most vexed. But I do love this. Toade got me addicted as he gave me the link site......Actually wanna go play like!

    Peace & Love

  2. bienvenidos a :p I follow a guy till he dies, then I eat him up and find another big guy, so on.
  3. We should all start our names with [EMC] and hope we bump into someone else :p
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  4. you just game me a idea for a awesome project, mwa ha ha ha ha :D
    I am working on another project thought I can test it in a singleplayer.
  5. I did?

  6. not my biggest worm evar but i just made it to #1 with the [EMC] tag lol
  7. yes, there is a way to make slimes into a caterpillar.
  8. LOL
  9. There are bots on here now but I am MLG and take all of those nub-bots out :cool:
  10. Time to go spot some EMC'ers :p
  11. I am on in a bit
  12. Got to #10 with EMC
  13. I couldn't find you I refreshed 13 times to get different servers. :(
  14. I'm definitely going to do that now! Not that I'm gonna ever see anyone from EMC on it, I just want to try.

  15. Highest so far.
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  16. here is my highest so far:
  17. awesome

  18. Putting in the work for the Empire.
  19. I think I'm doing better :p
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  20. Wait till you see the video I just recorded.
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