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Is this addicting or What?

got addicted in no time 31 vote(s) 75.6%
took me some time 7 vote(s) 17.1%
not addicting at all. 9 vote(s) 22.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. bet ya raged quited for some time :D :D :D
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  2. Was the Ö supposed to be pronounced? I keep reading this as 'bews" :p
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  3. I can't stop playing this game! It's so addictive. I've been so close to throwing my computer out of the window when I die.
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  4. :D, LOL, :p
  5. This game is worth more than a computer :D :D :D :D :p :p
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  6. hahaha xD I have English,Spanish, and Turkish keyboards on my phone xD for some reason even though I was using the English one the Turkish one autocorrected that word I didn't even notice it did that :p
  7. I get where you're coming from. I put my laptop into German, turned it back to English, but now my news and start menu stuff is still in German and it autocorrects a lot of my nouns to start with capitals when it feels like it >.>
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  8. Hm, not really my thing. Honestly, I hope these things like and and everything directly inspired by it die quickly. They probably will, but it might take some more months.
    So many kids are wasting their precious time on this, while it's not even really fun... if the reason you're playing a game is that it's addicting instead of fun or educational, you should really reconsider if you should play it at all..
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  9. Games designed to be educational are hardly ever fun. I enjoy things like Assassin's Creed - finding landmarks in the game and opening a page with the history of it. It's fun and the educational part is in the background and isn't even a focus of the game, its just something extra for people interested in it. I've learned a lot about the Italian Renaissance that way :p

    And addicting = fun. To me, anyway.
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  10. Sure, I'm not playing educational games in my free time either, but these days elementary schools often get their students to.
    In each case, I don't get how addicting can equal fun :\ To me, the more fun a game is, the more addictive it gets, but the more I give in to the addictiveness, the less fun it gets. So I try to stay away from a game for a day if I feel it gets too addictive.

    And I simply can't see how people would play this game for hours a week... it seems so empty, so repetitive. But it's better than, I suppose...
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  11. Thing with both is that you don't make any progress. Spawn, build up, die, repeat
    And with you just wait to be the biggest guy and then afk for as long as you wish :p
  12. sucks, I was in a different country for some time then I came back, then for a month had to be in a different language.
    later I learned that if I clear my browser cache and everything will go back to normal. so nub of me :D
  13. so you do the same with minecraft? minecraft if addicting right, if it wasn't there possibly could not be this server?
    so is this forum addicting. other wise we possibly would not be using it
  14. My thoughts on this game [contains language]:
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  15. I got seventh in the leaderboard when I et up for a cool. Not many people are on so its relatively to get big. So I did :p
  16. :p
  17. Minecraft was addicting for me a few times when I had just started playing it, and then I'd simply not play for a day, that cured it.
    EMC has never been very addicting to me, it's often hard to stop in the evening, but that's simply because it's hard to go to bed anyway.
  18. :p
  19. ughhhh... was just #1 out of 550+ with a length over 30k and some little worm spawned in front of me and I ran into it :(
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  20. some call those bots