Site attacked this weekend

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  1. give me the ip

  2. Im missing 34 diamond, i had it in my inventory when i left yesterday and it dissapeared, it wasnt in a chest
  3. the guy probably hijacked 100+ computers with viruses to ping 4gigs of data. The IPs would lead to innocent people's hijacked computers.
  4. Probably a good reminder to ensure that all members of the empire are running an antivirus software on their computers. Mostly for their own good. There are a couple of good and free ones out there even.
  5. The Website. The Community.
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  6. It's going to take a lot more than a loser with a botnet to take us down!
  7. Of course. I mean...
    We have a cow that dispenses ice-cream!

    That's all we need for such losers.


    Because Ice-cream, man.
  8. It will take a user with 2 botnets!?!
    (More like 4001)
  9. Udder power activates!
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  10. I was worried someone personnaly hacked the site for good..
  11. For what we know, the servers were not at all affected by the hackers. However, there was a period of about 45 minutes on SMP7 where the server refused to save anything, and a bunch of us at the jungle outpost lost some stuff. I'm not sure if that is relevant to your problem or the DDoS in any way, but you never know.
  12. This was an unrelated hardware issue that couldn't be avoided. Some people did lose some progress in that time, and we do apologize. It's just one of those things that happens with technology. :(
  13. They were like:

    And then Justin was like:

    And i saw this thread, and was like:
  14. Ahh, alright. We were scared for a bit that the hackers had realized that we had actual servers and not just the site :p
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  15. Haven't seen a ddose attack in ages. Hate them. But i hate even more seeing people still use them.

    Nice job defending against it. Glad EMC is at full power!
  16. What's a wife? Lol
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  17. It's pretty sad that the culprit(s) had to use up their "15 minutes of fame" on something so trivial. Oh well, it's their loss :D. Also, thank you Justin for your hard work and dedication in resolving the issue. Thank you as well Jeremy for helping us all maintain our sanity with the facebook group ;)
  18. Well, Just because im bored, and might bring some lulz. Here.
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  19. Oh wow i didnt know this was that serious ()_() Federal Crimes 'n such
  20. Spineless and pathetic are the 2 words that come to mind atm.
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