Site attacked this weekend

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, May 20, 2012.

  1. One thing I like about this post is at least we all know JustinGuy isn't dead :D
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  2. Of course its illegal, when PSN (playstation network) went down people got arrested. Its not funny anymore when you get cuffed up and put in court against a multi-billion dollar corporation named "Sony".

    ALSO, EMC is part of a company and that goes by the name "Kalland Labs". Its the same concept but Kalland Labs isn't a multi-billion dollar corporation :p. Hey you might not know, Justin is stepping into cloud storage business Kalland Labs might turn into a multi-million dollar corporation :)
  3. JustinGuys amazing I love him. I don't care if that is homo or not he is just so amazing.
  4. @_@ um... ok... I love him too but not that much...
  5. Oh ok
    I am guessing the proper authorities have been notified ?
    Not questioning our Mods/admins Judgement i am just curious :p
  6. Ur famous Justin, woot woot. so the details are, forums got crashed, we got back online, just to realize ur famous. xD
  7. I think its a federal crime to breath :eek:so anything after that make no difference, your already done for :confused::oops::rolleyes::D
  8. For sure it is, it is maliciously attacking someones property, it would be like burning down a Walmart. That's the problem, is kids don't realize how serious the crimes are, they think its just funny and idolize all those glory seeking "hacker" groups. You could actually be charged with a lot more than you think, like say you attack a government website, and you use bots or services that are outside your country, that is treason. This could also be applied to homeland security if the attackers are targeting public infrastructure, and is a form of terrorism.
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  9. Idiots these days...
  10. terrorists or not, it's kinda weird to attack a site that has not done anything to other sites or communities.

    And Justin, you are an inspiration to all emc players in the times of crisis, and are a great leader (my opinion only).

  11. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the following:
    • A rival site
    • A little brat with a botnet
    • jlopez24 (JK - seemed right to add it)
    • A large potato shaped robot
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  12. What Justin, no IPS? Well, I guess it was your hosting solution, but still :p
  13. A rival site does seem like it, but who would care that much to attack an awesome site?
    Oh, and BTW, a large potato shaped robot probably wouldn't have enough data capacity to make that big of a ddos attack.
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  14. Wow, Justin. Thou shalt not use excessively foul language.

    The ban hammer has spoken!

    But seriously, I had never even thought that Justin could use anything the least slightest bit bad. Today I saw his comment AND the about section!!!
  15. Yeah, but there seemed to be a glitch on Smp5 where I lost about half my stuff, and got an extra set of armor.
  16. ...yum
  17. I say we put a sound file in their site that loops SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...BOOM! forever. That would be fun.
    Bring it on, DDoSers!

  18. I want to know who did it too 7|:^)
  19. Just found out this site is run through Go Daddy...
  20. In the US, England, Denmark (etc.) you go to JAIL for the rest of your life if you do this kins of thing. Could be a attack from Syria, or some other army.