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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by klamepa, Oct 24, 2011.

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    And get to know each other :3
    its thats simple !?!

    As i can see nobody has posted such a thread so i did.
    Just post your picture and lets all get to know each other better :3

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  2. The biggest thing you'll get to know about me via my pictures is that I'm clearly a no nonsense kind of person and am very serious 100% of the time.

    Jeremy-duckface-jpg_500.jpg Jeremy-30-jpg_500.jpg Jeremy-27-jpg_500.jpg
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  3. me 1.jpg
    ^Me getting destroyed in sydney on free shots, I can't even keep my eyes open :-D
  4. Your shirt looks silky.
  5. Me in Bermuda last summer.

  6. Jeremy i Lol'd and i cant even stop XD
  7. Don't be camera shy people. :D
  8. Lol Jeremy!

    Ok... HereĀ“s me at the beach! Wohoooo!
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  9. Just look at my avatar, saves me uploading the same image again haha.
  10. All you skinny people. D:
  11. (we still need to that that abs photo of all the GK people)

  12. ^Me(as of august this year) bored and managed to find the camera and decided to update my picture after 3 years :D

    Edit:Also Klamepa why did you not start the thread with a pic? this is just something i noticed xD
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  14. <----- I'll put up more later ;b

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  15. Cutie pie but i dont get it why people that play minecraft keep discussing drug usage and alcohol its just ... XD akward !
  16. True, i deleted that right before you replied actually, and i figured that'd explain why i was wearing a santa hat in one and had a stupid face in the other ;b and thanks for the compliment klam =] i could say the same about you.
  17. One shouldn't have to be wasted to wear a Santa hat. That's fun all by itself. :D
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  18. very true jeremy :D especially that one, went all the way down to my knees :b has to be my all time favorite hat.
  19. it isn't just in is everywhere....and i used to be one of those "overly honest" people that used to partake in such i find them meh also curite is a boss with his giant santa hat!!!!
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