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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by klamepa, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Offtopic but
    @IpwnCreeps dude dont double post it's annoying
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  2. woah sorry dont hate on me becase i dont think and type everything at once. :( why do i even post if im just gonna get hated on
  3. As you all wish...


    I only look evil...
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  4. You can hit the edit button.

    Tank, more of a "wut" face
  5. tank you look more like you don't care in my opinion, not evil :p
  6. Do motion pictures count??

    Im on the right!
  7. That's awesome Jim! Flying must be fun. :D
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  8. Pretty high on my list of funnest things ive done =D
  9. I wonder if my computer could run it..........(I rather doubt it).
  10. Me in basic training right before the gas chamber

    Me last Monday was on my way to the prices is right. No i didn't get picked but you can still see me in the audience this veteran day lol

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  11. the gas chamber.....i thought that was only for the special tactics and recon to go thru....hmm.
  12. nope everyone has to go though it when you join :p

    Wish i had some picture of north star a week before the price is right where i look like im dieing being in that gear for 6 hours +
  13. doomsday prophets Don't show fatigue or death!!!! and good to know that about the is nerve gas correct? VZ if i am not mistaken?
  14. Nope only tear gas its to teach you how to use the gas mask. Putting it on, clearing, so you get used to the gear because its what we use in real life on bases.
  15. :O no nerver gas chamber? that seems a little odd. xD derp on me i forgot of tear gas being used by the military on bases. :X and them gas masks need darker lenses so they look more ominous!!
  16. Y use nerve gas for training? Nerve gas can kill someone so whats the point lol. Depending where ur station you can get a darker lens in the new M 50 but the M 45 the lens snaps on.
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  17. Anyways i think gas masks are scary xD "sucks on finger and hides in the corner"
  18. How are they scary lol
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